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An interview with Mia, a high class escort from Barcelona
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Nightlife. Interviewed Mia.

Sunday 18 May 2014
Summer is coming, are the escorts supposed to have either more or less work?

Sex business in Barcelona never stops, although I personally have more work in summertime. In winter, there are more clients during the weekends, but from Monday to Thursday there is less work; however in summer most of them try to find more free time, for instance a Tuesday, to go out for a drink and a date.

Then, an escort always has work, no matter if it is summer o winter time?

For the clients to have a date with an escort is usually the best time of the week. Most of them like to buy us a drink in a bar close to PerlaNegraBCN, and then to go to another, to talk, to have fun and later on, to go to a club for dancing.

How can a night like this end up?

After having a drink in bars and having lots of fun in a club, we end up going to PerlaNegraBCN to fuck the client until he can't breathe (laughs).

It is company and fun what a luxury escort in Barcelona can offer?

Yes, of course. These are an escort's most important services as well as sex for money. This can be the main difference between an escort and a whore, in the end we actually do the same; however a whore doesn't escort the client anywhere, she only performs the sexual service, gets paid and that's it.

An escort, for instance, dresses up when she goes for a drink around PerlaNegraBCN bars, she pretends to be a client's friend in case he jumps up with someone known, she enjoys nightlife with the client, she has a good conversation, drinks with him, dances and has fun with him and at the same time enjoys herself.

Can you explain how a night like this can turn out?

For example, now the weather is getting warmer and people wants to finish work earlier to have fun, I have lots of evening dates in bars' terraces. Last week a new client called me for an evening date, he wanted to have a drink, to dance and to 
have fun in Barcelona all night long with a pretty girl, I told him he came across the perfect escort; we set the date time at a terrace close to PerlaNegraBCN and hanged up.

Since I figured out we would also go out for dinner at the restaurants area, I dressed up with a very sexy and elegant burgundy gown with black heels, fishnets, black lace lingerie and filled up my purse with condoms.

When I got to the terrace he was waiting for me at the spot we agreed before. He was an attractive, quite tall, around forty-five, very well dressed guy. He politely introduced himself and asked for a cold white wine bottle, actually one of the bests the had, it was really tasty. While we were talking the terrace got crowded with people going out with the same purpose.

He talked about his life and his job, we got along very quickly and we started joking and laughing; at this moment I knew that would be a great evening because you don't usually get these good vibes with a stranger, however with him it was an exception.

He told me he travelled a lot and worked all the time, he said his family also took time from him, and sometimes he felt overwhelmed because he lacked from time for himself and he had no chance to let steam off at all. That was the reason, he said, sometimes he took time from work for an evening off and went out around bars in Barcelona, so he could have drinks and dance with a luxury escort. I told him he met the best one.

Once we drank the wine we went for dinner. There are many nice places around PerlaNegraBCN, some are trendier than others but the food and the atmosphere are really good, they have a great wine lists and meat and fish menus assortment. I usually take my clients over there and I have tried nearly all of them. It is a very good area, you can also find cocktail bars packed with good music and people.

Were the two of you alone that night?

No, he greeted many people in the cocktail bars and introduced me as his friend. My client bought me some drinks, he talked and laughed, eventually drawn near me and said how pretty I was, he stroked me on the sly and said how much he liked my perfume.

Flirting, I mentioned him about my lace lingerie and my wish to have it torn off by him. We were having good fun, he wanted to have some more in the next club and get a last drink before going to 
PerlaNegraBCN for a good fuck; I mentioned I really was looking for it, I said I would do whatever he wanted, that I would fuck him until I took his breath away.

How was it in the club?

Very amusing, we were already a bit tipsy and we danced really stuck, I was heating him up because I was really in the mood for sex, I really liked him and I found him physically attractive, so what were we waiting for? I aroused him with my stuck dance, looking him in the eyes and his trousers. He finished off his drink, so did I, and he grabbed my hand heading out of the club.

So, what happened in PerlaNegraBCN?

We felt attracted by each other and this meant great sex. We were really horny, we undressed very quickly, his hands touching all my body, he turned me back and stuck it in all in a sudden, I loved that, point-blank; he cummed quite fast and we laid in bed until the next round. It was a perfect night, in fact, we have met in several occasions afterwards.
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