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Monday 14 December 2015

Nymphomaniacs: hot-blooded pussies

Nymphomaniacs. What a beautiful and mysterious word. Pronouncing it is enough to draw a dumb naughty smile in many men’s faces; they are daydraming about a sculpted-bodied escort who is a wild insatiable beast in bed. However, they usually overlook the fact that sex addiction hides behind this behaviour. Let’s deepen in the mind of a nymphomaniac on our beloved blog. Sex addiction is as usual in men as it is in women.

Perla Negra ’s website shows a catalogue of amazing whores and escorts in Barcelona. Black escorts, luxury whoresmature escorts, Spanish escorts, or whores, plainly speaking. The clubs in Barcelona, where it is possible to hire escort services, get us the opportunity to have an unforgettable sexual date. Is there any linking between golden shower, deep throat, whores, escorts and nymphomaniacs?

A nymph is loose

Nymphs were minor goddesses in Greek mythology, their male equivalents were called satyrs; half-goat men who were only able to think about the most mundane pleasures, or about fucking, to make us clear.

We can feel readers’ smiles who identify with these satyrs while reading this. However, our readers may not know that sex addiction is about suffering.

According to Greek mythology, nymphs didn’t look for sex at any moment, contrary to satyrs, who runned after them and tried to abuse them. Obviously, having sex with a half-goat man is nobody’s fantasy. That’s what Greek mythology says about them; nowadays, those ancient nymphs and satyrs are nowadays’ nymphomaniacs, also known as sex addicts.

Same thing and different meanings

Being a sex addict is socially seen as to be a tough guy. However, as usual, it is seen differently in women. You probably knew already what nymphomaniac (from nymph) means, but you probably never heard the word satyr before. Sex drive in men is socially accepted, contrary to sex drive in women, which people associate with trauma, vice, being a whore in Barcelona, bitch, lady of the night, escort, and so on. It doesn’t matter the reason, the fact is that being a male nymphomaniac, or a satyr, is a less known disorder than being a female nymphomaniac.

Being a sex addict is really hard for both men and women. It is estimated that 8% of the male population and 3% of the female population suffer this compulsive behaviour.

Sex with a nymphomaniac

Don’t freak out. Don’t think it would rock, nor that it would be the best sex of your life. According to psychologists, nymphomaniacs hide much suffering behind that behaviour and use sex as an instrument of power. They want to control their relationships and their suffering leads them to be self destructive, but also destructive to others. They can ruin their own lives and others’ and go ahead.

How to differentiate a nymphomaniac? It is simple, they fuck much more than you. Whores and escorts  may seem nymphomaniacs; when we talk about fucking much more than you, we mean they fuck ten men a day.

Teenagers use this nymphomaniac word to insult girls because sexually active women are frowned upon. The origin of this disorder may be in one’s past; explicit abuses might not be the only reason, but also the misinterpretation of some adults’ behaviours.

When sex becomes an addiction

Humans look for pleasure in sex, in bursting -figuratively-, in something different, in being able to please other people, in liking, in exciting, or in reaching a cosmic orgasm. But, what happens when you have unpaid sex with over ten men a day because of an uncontrollable sex drive?

This is a sign for us to think this may be a sex addiction case. At least, sex addict men count on the nice company of whores and teen university escorts, Cuban escorts, or Catalan escorts. But, what happens to sex addict women? They usually don’t go punting, so how are they going to quench their thirsty hot-blooded pussies?

Whores in Barcelona, escorts and nymphomaniacs

We have asked some girls who were taking a drink at Perla Negra’s bar area about their possible experiences with female nymphomaniacs. The mature escort says that it isn’t usual, and that most women who ask for a date come accompanied by a man and want to do a threesome, so after such a crazy night, I hardly ever see them again.

The teen university escort explains that she did once experienced a sex date with a female nymphomaniac, and that she almost got her exhausted in bed. Who was the one exhausted? -we asked amazed-. The teen university escort, it couldn’t be other way. The teen university escort thinks this was the first time in her career as a whore that someone took from the first second to the last fucking non-stop.

The teen university escort also explains that she DATY non-stop on her and put vibrating dildos in all her holes. Right after an orgasm, she already was reaching climax again. But, what did this nymphomaniac look like? “At first sight, I would never said she was such an intense fucker, there was emptiness in her eyes, but her moaning and way of fucking were absolutely wild. She was definitely looking for something in that session, but she didn’t care about me.”

The word nymphomaniac doesn’t appear as a disorder in psychology manuals, but sex addict does. Humans like sex, but if it becomes a need, then you should see a therapist. 

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