Fellatio or cunnilingus involve the use of the mouth, including the lips, tongue and teeth, to stimulate the genitalia of the sexual partner (ie, their external reproductive organs). It often involves kissing, licking, sucking, nibbling and blowing are essential to have a great time with this type of sex.

That is why one of the most demanded services for luxury escorts in Barcelona is fellatio, and more globally, oral sex.

Types of oral sex

There are many ways that you suck your penis, and there are many ways to do a cunnilingus as it should. That is why they can be divided into different ways and definitions, which have a fine line of nuances, but which in practice are extremely pleasing.

French (with, natural or complete)

This is what is known as fellatio or blowjob as such, but it can be done in many, many ways. Everything will depend on the skill and skill that the other person has with his mouth.


Like the French, but in the female version, it is what has been eating the pussy, but ¡Ojo! This is usually more complicated than the male version, because knowing how to do it is an art, that if you know how to do it well, you have won.

Tit fuck

This is par excellence, one of the most popular practices, next to the French, that usually makes an escort XXL tits. This service consists of performing a masturbation with the girl's breasts.

French tie

This is the combination of true fellatio and the Cuban one of all life. With it they will stimulate two points of the penis that are crucial for the time of having a good orgasm.

Deep Throat

This is perhaps the most difficult of practices, and not all escorts can do it. She needs an oral ability to perform a blowjob, introducing the penis to the deepest part of the mouth, until it reaches the throat.

Oral sex is becoming essential in our sexual society, and you have to know how and what to do in each moment. And if you want to find more information about where to be with one of them, you can contact us at +34 93 327 82 94 or reservas@perlanegrabcn.es and find out more about our luxury hotel rooms in Barcelona.