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Perla Negra and masturbation
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Perla Negra and masturbation

Tuesday 08 March 2016

Masturbation, that special friend to recur when we need it, is the chosen subject for our beloved blog. Evenly split between admiration and disapproval, it seems unbelievable that something as simple as this, is still controversial nowadays. After all, who is responsible of your wanks? Masturbation is about obtaining self-pleasure; in addition, it is a hot and cautious way of having sex. It is safe and it doesn’t involve compromise or interaction, masturbation is loved and hated by world’s societies. How do people experience this gift of masturbating and sleeping like a log after it? And how about the escorts at Perla Negra? How do they take advantage this art?

Masturbating is maybe the first sexual interaction with other people and yourself. It is pleasurable, but it doesn’t require great efforts. Some teenagers masturbate in group while they watch a porn movie; some teen girls would rather masturbate than have vaginal sex because they want to perfectionate the technique before getting into the next stage. When you can’t date escorts or whores, masturbation is a perfect alternative to stop thinking about having sex with our female colleagues, the errand boy, or anybody who sits in front of us at a restaurant.

Masturbation and escorts at Perla Negra Barcelona

Are vagina and ass the only players in every sexual interaction, or do hands also play an important role when it comes to dating an escort at Perla Negra Barcelona? Many men like to masturbate and be watched. Some men feel so excited about this idea, so their time at Perla Negra with an escort is the best way to turn this fantasy into reality. Escorts use masturbation as a warm up; they use their hands, or their round big firm boobs for this purpose. Titfucks are a fantasy described and defined in the catalogue of sexual services of some escorts who collaborate with Perla Negra Barcelona. This technique consists of using their breasts instead of their hands to masturbate clients. 

The penis of the client is placed between both boobs, the escort shakes them and then, the client cums and dies from pleasure during such a lustful interaction. Masturbation is also essential in erotic massages. At Perla Negra Barcelona’s relaxation area clients relax in a bathtub full of foam, this is the perfect atmosphere so they lose contact with mundane noises. One outstanding service is erotic massage because life isn’t only about fucking endless and quickly. The escorts who collaborate with Perla Negra Barcelona provide erotic massage services. They are expert in providing a unique well-being sensation; in addition, their hands go all over the masculine erogenous zones and make they get a hard-on totally unhurried and in a wonderful calm, without unexpected incidents. Masturbation is a technique that is aptly performed at Perla Negra Barcelona; however, oral sex is another apt way to make clients relax their tension without having to make big efforts.

Throughout history

Being a wanker is frowned upon even nowadays, but why? Masturbation art is fount of wisdom which belong with all of us. Thanks to it, we are able to get calm and we can be quiet and keep a control that is hard to maintain sometimes. We have hands for a reason, so we can use them to please ourselves. However, many religions consider it to be immoral and a serious perversion. For instance, Catholicism has always considered masturbation as to be a profanity. For religions, all which is related to pleasure is also related to sin, and that includes masturbation, dating escorts and having homosexual sex. Everybody who thinks something alike to this should come over to Perla Negra and find how wrong they are. Before all these religious bannings, masturbation was practiced in group to shed sperm into the ground and get a better harvest season. This idea seems to be logical because in many ancient religions, ground has been considered to be our Mother and seeds our Father.

The escorts who collaborate with Perla Negra Barcelona perform masturbation services so naturally and pleasantly that clients request it to enjoy it and to make the escorts enjoy with dildos and vibrators. For some Perla Negra Barcelona’s clients, seeing how an escort masturbates during their date is one of their most dirty perverted fantasies. Although films and religions want us to be convinced about the contrary, the reality is that we can reduce sex to vaginal or anal penetration. Sometimes, a short penis can’t reach certain zones, but a couple of expert hands will be able to reach them. For instance, reaching feminine G spot with a great big penis can be a difficult task, so using your hands is a very good alternative to reach it. Summing up, having sex is a wild pleasure, but practicing masturbation will give you a physical distance that will make you delight with the vision of your favorite escort getting excited by the movements of your hands. Dating an escort at Perla Negra Barcelona who is an expert in erotic massages can be an excellent way to experience an orgasm effortless;  dating an expert in titfucking is also a great way of enjoying a pleasant masturbation between the perfect boobs of an escort at Perla Negra Barcelona.

At Perla Negra Barcelona you will enjoy as you never did before. 

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