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Perla Negra: crazy nights
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Perla Negra: crazy nights

Thursday 17 March 2016

Who wants to have a normal night, when you have the opportunity to spend a crazy night at Perla Negra? If you have already come over there to have a drink, then you know what we are talking about. Craziness at Perla Negra is totally allowed. Fun, fun and fun for men who know what they want. The main Catalan city hides many secrets that we are going to reveal on our beloved blog.

One crazy night out of the other goodie-goodie nights when we go bed early after a working day. Fortunately, Perla Negra exists to drown your sorrows and make us feel we are alive.

Modern slavery consists of working for many hours and giving free rein to ourselves for little time. There are many people who put themselves to the beck and call of their company in exchange for a salary; but we still have balls and dicks to look for something good in the middle of this huge stupidity.

Perla Negra is a luxurious club in Barcelona where men can get their masculinity back. Fun, sex, cummings, blowjobs, hot girls and discretion. Once we go through the entrance door, we can take off our masks and be ourselves.

Perla Negra's Bar Area

At Perla Negra’s bar area we can invite a beautiful hot hooker to have a drink. They seduce us with with their tight dresses and their round enhanced breasts arising  from their cleavages. We can’t reject them, we want a shag, we want to be grabbed by our dick and our balls to get dry; we won’t keep on wearing a mask now we can be ourselves.

Some men choose partying downtown Barcelona and look for a hot chick up for sex in a couple of nightclubs. The first shag is usually bullshit because of alcohol and blunders. That doesn’t happen with escorts, they can drink like us, they can even drink a bottle of champagne, but they won’t weaken in the suite at Perla Negra. They are always ready to give us pleasure, and up to the task of fucking at any time. In our opinion, this is way better than going around trying to seduce a girl who doesn’t know how to fuck.

Perla Negra is a highway to pleasure, wasting a night out and beating yourself out not to get a single blowjob isn’t for us.


Perla Negra is located downtown Barcelona, you can’t miss it and it’s definitely the perfect place to have the first or the last drink before wuckin a hot girl. However, we are sure if you start your night at Perla Negra, you won’t want to leave because sluts are the best company for a crazy night.

Restaurants, bars and clubs, all of them are nearby this place of sin. Eat, drink and fuck, and love, of course, but it becomes better when you mix them all. Nightlife attractions near Perla Negra include far exotic flavours, and also traditional ones; house music, pop music, electro-indie music, whatever you want to spend a nice time.

After drinks and music, you’d better walk to Perla Negra to have a last drink to start the real fun. At Perla Negra, there are several suites fully equipped to fuck, what more can you ask for? Chromotherapy lighting, big plasma screen TV, porn movies, music, a luxurious bathtub or shower, and Nespresso pod machines for those people who need a shot of caffeine before DATYing and sucking breasts.

There is a big bed waiting for us to fuck

Gorgeous bodies, breasts, hips, curves, sluty faces and eager to have sex, men don’t need anything else to enjoy a crazy night, do they?

What do you think about dating two available escorts for lesbian services instead of dating only one? That would be a crazy night indeed; however, the usual for the rest of mortals is to search for the left-overs at 6 am on Tinder. What a sad life!

The best place for crazy nights is Perla Negra, of course. Craziness doesn’t mean a lack of attention, hygiene or discretion, that is why Perla Negra is far ahead on top of all the other establishments in Barcelona.

The best and most lustful escorts in Barcelona; having all the sex we want, but never forgetting about health controls and hygiene. Escorts get blood tests weekly and clients can voluntarily request a blood test to prove you are healthy and keep enjoying crazy nights.

Brand New

Perla Negra has the best and quickest cleaning staff. When you get in a room, it seems it is brand new only for you. We don’t have much more to say about the escorts who come over there. It is clear when you take a look to Perla Negra website. Sensuality, boobs, booty asses, smooth skins, erotism, long manes and pussies, many wet pussies for us.

If Perla Negra didn’t count on the best hookers in Barcelona, it wouldn’t be the same. After all, crazy nights involve friends, drinks, fun and sex, much sex. Fucking is fun to us, we love remembering how looked the face and the boobs of our escort while we were riding her, we all want a crazy night to break our boring routine.

Boobs, booty asses, sex and fantasies at Perla Negra 

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