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Pretty and not so pretty whores advertise themselves on the websites: The sex on-line risks.
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Pretty and not so pretty whores advertise themselves on the websites: The sex on-line risks.

Thursday 20 November 2014

Sex on-line entails many different dangerous issues. Some uploaded words on a website may hide big stuff, since a lady forced to work as a prostitute, to an ungraceful girl who calls herself Bellezzza. You get what you pay for, so when you think of spending a nice time in bed with a call girl, it is better to call for an agency's advice, where everything is clear, legal and there are no tricks behind.

Going to an event with a companion call girl vs. going to an event with a companion troll girl

We can figure you would not like to take any risks when you had decided to go to this dinner date with long-time-no-see friends with an escort , when you had gone to one of those famous swinger clubs, or when you had this important business dinner meeting and decided to go with a companion. Attending these events with a beauty is definitely not the same that going there with a dull lady. In these situations the client should go with a classier and politer whore than himself, she ought to be gorgeous and graceful, she definitely should not show off her condition as whore ; the difference between a luxury whore  and a plain whore is in these details.

Call girls agency

In these situations, putting aside the anonymous website ads and trusting what the destiny has in store for us, is not very advisable. Agencies' websites are client-oriented and must keep high quality services, therefore the escorts who work in collaboration with them are proved beauties, ladies who want to work as prostitutes and who are classy and well-educated, something the clients really value. Besides, the call girls agencies upload short videos of the escorts, that show them talking as well as their physical condition, so the client does know who is going to be his source of pleasure beforehand.

At La Perla Negra BCN  one can watch videos of the whores  who offer their services as companion call girls, this is a great asset for the client's safety. In those videos one can perfectly observe the companion girl's main features, for instance, her body, her boobies' size, the roundness of her bum, her level of refinement, or naughtiness in bed, her dressing style, etc.

Paying attention to the anonymous ads on newspapers and websites are the perfect way of being fooled. We might pay a lot of money and resignation for dreaming about a wonderful pornstar escort , who, instead of the first, would turn up a mediocre and rude whore. The best way of being sure, is to call one of the call girls agencies in Barcelona and choose the girl after having watched an updated video with no tricks.

BDSM , pleasure in pain

Some people are shocked when they see others enjoying torture sex toys, either to be tortured or in order to gladly torture someone else.

Indeed, in the days when face to face sex was the only sexual relationship between men and women, and it was aimed to have children, the story of causing pain to others with their consent wasn't very usual, it was without their consent instead. The US Sexual Revolution during the seventies changed it for good, thank God, and performing weird stuff is becoming more normal every day. Being homosexual is no more an alien thing, and being a Lesbian is getting every day further away from the singer Alaska's lyrics “I want a truck to be happy”.

The weird and intriguing sexual practices appear in many of the whores' services lists, as well as the tattooed whores  ', Brazilian whores ', uni girls escorts ' and senior escorts ' lists. All the escorts and whores in the world are ready to cause pain to their clients, and ready to humiliate them as long as the clients want. Excellent!

But it is not all plain sailing, and not everyone can get right pain and humiliation on us; actually BDSM  and SM  are practices that require a lot of knowledge in the subject, as well as many skills when playing the torture games and understanding of the codes, like the “stop it now” code.

The B in BDSM means bondage , the submissive is tied down with ropes, chains, leather stripes, etc. Let's remember that Sadism is the art of causing pain, and Masochism is the art of receiving it. For many people, the line between pleasure and pain is very thin. Who has never fantasized with slapping his or her partner and follow it with a sexual marathon? Come on, don't pretend you haven't, it is a good movie script!

Some people confess since they practice SM, that they have found themselves, that they have overcome their childhood traumas, and they feel more connected with their inner being. Everybody knows why he or she deserves a punishment, and maybe the way to redeem themselves is through SM practices. You may have suffered a lot in your life, and you might need to take revenge with no need to end up in prison, in that case you could be a perfect mistress.

The SM game is quite complex and goes beyond the plain in and out sex, cumshots on the escort's face or boobs, and going home afterwards. Not at all. SM es much more interesting. Sometimes both members agree there will not be any sexual contact, nor even vaginal fluid or semen exchange. Mistress and submissive only enjoy or cause pain to the other. The relationship is usually very close, and when the game starts, the only language used would be a series of codes. Because of its own nature, SM is a practice to be carried out with a pro whore we have watched in a video before, or who is recommended by a call girls agency; because in pain matters, it is better to have it performed by a beauty and not a Bellezzza.

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