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Private parties with escorts

Tuesday 16 August 2016

Private parties with escorts: Essential vocabulary

To set up private parties with escorts, you can describe what you want or use the sex industry’s own vocabulary and save some time. At private parties with escorts hot fun, sex and havoc reign. Those evenings have always been in fashion, since the beginning of the world, and they won’t lose ground any time soon. Would you like to invite your friends to some private parties with escorts? Today on our dear blog we’ll give you some tips on what to ask for and how.

It’s my party

Celebrating a holiday, a bachelor party, a business deal or “because am worth it”, are some of the motives to get together with friends and surround yourself with horny and gorgeous women with more sexual experience than all the males combined.

Since the beginning of times, men have enjoyed orgies or private parties with escorts as often as they could. Of course, inviting friends to that kind of meeting requires a fat wallet and a good place.

Discretion, luxury escorts, plenty of sex and satisfying the most demanding men isn’t easy. Some of the best private parties with escorts take place at the most expensive brothels. Which is a good thing, that way, the client spares himself the expense of sending a cleaning team to tidy up the mess the next morning and there is no risk neighbours snoop his favourite positions.   

Such a place has a bar, drinks and music at our disposal. We don’t have to worry about it getting out of hand and we can have more escorts available if needed.

A life boost to the mansion

Others prefer to set up private parties at their own homes. Sometimes they are summer residencies which are not their usual residency. They are closed and without movement until the owner arrives and decides to give the mansion a boost of life fucking grandly in the company of his friends.

Luxury escorts  invited can come from one agency or various. According to a Venezuelan escort, at those private parties with escorts one immediately realises who are the stars invited. The Russians with incredible cheekbones and the ones from California, so beautiful they don’t want to get them into the porn industry. These are the queens of the jungle, the top escorts. They are so stunning and spectacular that “you almost don’t get to do a BBBJ or have a Greek done to you, the Venezuelan escort tells us.

XXX codes

To cut it short, when asking for what we want at our private parties with escorts, we can use the sex industry’s slang. For example, everything referred to our neighbouring country. French kiss, BBBJ, come on face, CIM Blowjob, French tie, etc

Horny France

If we say we want a French kiss, we are referring to tongue kisses. Usually escorts have their pussies and asses at the client’s disposal, also their mouths but not to be kissed, interesting ah? If the client wishes to snog the escort, he must ask for a French kiss. The usual blowjob is called “doing a French”. It can be BBBJ, which is, without a condom; Complete, which means until ejaculation or facial if the ejaculation includes sprinkling the escorts’ face. And the famous French tie in which the dick is placed between the tits and sucked at the same time. In English, the initials CIH ( cum in hair) refer to ejaculation on the hair; CIM (cum in mouth) ejaculation in the mouth without specifying if it’s swallowed or spat out. Which of these practices would you like to experiment with in one of the private parties with escorts?

Kinky Spain

Just as France is the chosen country to name the dirtiest and most perverse fantasies, Spain too has its share. The US uses everything related to Spain or the Latin world to create its sex slang.

Dirty Sanchez is not a western movie character or a well known cocksman. When two people are practicing anal sex, the one fucking the ass gets his penis out or the dildo and rubs it on the upper lip of their companion leaving on something like a moustache. That’s where the name Dirty Sanchez comes from.

In the US, doing a Spanish or Spanish consists of getting the penis out, the finger or the ass toy and getting it inside the escort’s mouth. In Australia, to do a Spanish means the same thing as doing a Cuban means to us.

It’s interesting too that on both sides of the Atlantic, anal sex is associated to Greeks or mediterraneans. At private parties with escorts, a Greek is one of the most demanded practices. As well as, fisting which consists of introducing the fist inside the ass or the vagina. Here you need time, patience and large amounts of lubricant.

Not everything is fucking

At private parties with escorts not everything is fucking, some hosts want to use sex not so much as pleasure but as a curiosity to his guests. In that case, he may ask to see a double penetration, in which two men penetrate a woman’s vagina and ass at the same time, or the triple penetration if another one penetrates her mouth.

PSE or porn star experience, is another star practice at private parties with escorts. It consists of behaving as if you were in a porn movie. There is a total lack of feelings and the participants are focused on their own pleasure. Fucking without a condom, swallowing the sperm or moving from one hole to another are some of the characteristics of PSE but they also involve some of the higher health risks, therefore, before asking to be the main character at a porn scene, one better discuss the details to avoid later regrets. 

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