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Prostitutes of Camp Nou
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Prostitutes of Camp Nou

Monday 13 April 2015

The pairing of soccer and prostitution is one of the best pleasures in life for many men. Both are about balls, training and having a happy ending. That’s why one of the most renowned paid-sex areas in Barcelona is the vicinity of Camp Nou. Sometimes the police want to call to order and raid against mafias which force women usually from Eastern Europe into prostitution, and against professional working ladies whose life style is based on prostitution. Everything blurs into the shadows of sport.

Prostitutes  of Camp Nou cost about 15 Euros, and they work tirelessly – way more than soccer players – when it comes to a sports event. For instance, a soccer match between Barça and Real Madrid generates a lot of excitement among prostitutes and trannsexuals. And this is everything that a man wishes for, in addition to having a McAuto nearby. It’s a fantasy which has turn into reality.

Paid sex of Camp Nou is known as “precarious sex” by mass media probably, because of the lack of humanity, the poor conditions in which sex is held, and the total lack of hygiene. We should assume that wet wipes are not miraculous, and that despite being in the 21st century, AIDS is still a thread.

Camp Nou is one of the hottest spot areas of prostitution in the main city of Catalonia, but you should better be aware of the police raids because some clients have already been fined 2,000 Euros.

Prostitution and soccer

These are two concepts related in more than one way. Not only a lot of soccer supporters feel closely related to paid sex and celebrate their team’s victory by cuming for 15 Euros, but also soccer players – ball and lodge goal stars – confess that they need to hire the services of prostitutes to avoid their couples revealing their deepest secrets. If this statement was true, all famous people should forget love and focus on paid-sex relations which are way safer for their private life.

Not surprisingly, Moroccan-born Zahia Dehar confessed having had sexual relations with at least three soccer players of the national French soccer team including Ribery. This confession result in severe problems for the soccer players, who faced up to three years in prison and low fines of 40,000 Euros. But, losing their reputation, and the pain caused to their families were the worst consequences for the soccer players involved. This investigation was only a part of a larger police operation against prostitution on Zaman Café, a nightclub off the Champs-Élysées in Paris.

Young rich handsome soccer players are attractive targets for the so-called gold diggers; they take advantage of them and then reveal everything to mass media in exchange for huge amounts of money. That’s why these young targets choose being between the legs of prostitutes, who are much more professional than gold diggers.

It’s a reality that soccer and prostitutes are complementary and cannot exist one without the other. They are two big world-renowned businesses, being remarkably outstanding the success of Camp Nou’s prostitutes.

Sex and victory

Prostitutes of Camp Nou know that the term “sports event” means sexual services everywhere and endlessly. The risks involved are countless, since soccer supporters are known by their brutality, drunkenness, and also by being brainless. In addition, prostitutes of Camp Nou have to face other issues such as poor hygiene and their clients' lack of money.

Fucking is another victory, in fact this is the only victory they are about to experience, because soccer supporters don’t touch the soccer ball, or score a goal. That’s why they hire the services of a prostitute: they look for an experience which is similar to what the soccer players feel when they win a match.

Sex and defeat

Soccer players and supporters know that this case is just as good excuse as the above mentioned to look for relief in the arms of a Camp Nou's prostitute.

Mexican, Korean, and Czech defeats made these national soccer teams become famous, because in 2007 Korean and Czech teams were caught hiring the services of dozens of escorts who went to their hotels and helped the players to overcome their defeat on the playground. 

Mexico national under-22 soccer team notified the police that their iPhones had been stolen by the escorts they hired, ignoring that prostitution is illegal in Mexico.

Sex and everything

What difference does it make to win or to lose? What really matters is to have sexual relations. Sexual instinct definitively plays a very important role on soccer world.

Although men usually don't have significant victories to celebrate, sex clubs are always full. Same happens with the vicinity of Camp Nou, which is full of both happy and unhappy soccer supporters who look for a quick fuck, or a cheap blowjob to release tension.

That’s why we have named this section “sex and everything”; because sex and human life usually weave together. Both paid-sex and free-sex relates to sport, art, day, and night: sex is always present on our lives, and everyone likes taking part in that match. Prostitutes make easier to win that match, and prostitutes of Camp Nou make it at a particularly risky cheap price.

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