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Pubis practices and sex positions
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Pubis practices and sex positions

Thursday 24 November 2016

November has slapped us twice on the face. The first slap is the death of transexual “La Veneno” (which literally means “Poison”); the second is the election of Donald Trumpet as the whole world’s president. That is why we are going to talk about what really matters and make us happy. Pleasurable sex and the best positions for women, men, transexuals and a long etc including all sexuality options of humanity.


Having pleasurable sex doesn’t refer exactly to a position, but to a certain attitude in front of life. If you want to have good sex, you have to give it, too. Giving and receiving; giving the best sex to receive the same. To know the best-kept secrets, we have interviewed great fuckers like escorts in Barcelona about what the like the most, and the answer was unanimous: the U!

What is the U? According to what these escorts say, the U is the area between the vagina and the clitoris. That rosy and soft spot is responsible for the greatest feminine orgasms. G-spot and U-spot are the most erogenous feminine body parts.

A luxury escort has commented that she doesn’t hesitate it for a second when some client suggests her to make her favorite sex thing ever. “I tell him to do oral sex on me and to lick the U-spot because that makes me cum as crazy. Although it is a really sensitive spot, not all know how to touch it right. It is a matter of practice, the same way that girls have to learn how to blow it. The more you blow, the better you do it.”

To that luxury escort, those are the keys to give pleasurable sex for women. According to the rest of escorts we have talked to, “oral sex is also the most requested by clients.” The girls have revealed that going out of the usual practices is difficult to many clients. “Most of them want a blowjob and vaginal sex. We offer many more services, but they often opt for getting the most usual ones” - the Russian escort says.  


This is a racy number which hides one of the most renowned positions of all. This position is easy to do, as long as the person upwards isn’t very fat or got a copious lunch. Sixty-nine is pleasurable for both, that is why this is one of the most commented positions in European cities.

One lies on the bed, the other one gets upwards with the head flipped down into the opposite direction. Escorts have told us that it is a requested position that needs complicity to be successful; reaching climax at the same time would make it perfect. 

The welcoming

The welcoming is another position that the escorts at Perla Negra have talked about. “You get pleasurable sex guaranteed if you welcome your client when he arrives in the suite. I do the welcoming position by sitting on the bed, right on top of my client, riding him and getting my boobs onto his face, letting him touch me and moving my arse, so he gets very horny.”

The welcoming position is different to every escort. The Japanese escort commented that her way of welcoming a client is to rest her elbows on the drawers in front the mirror and offer her arse to ease a first contact before getting naked.

Pleasurable sex is pure creativity and generosity. One should go for altruist objectives. Giving pleasure to every woman who runs into your way and be sure that this is the right way to get the best of her.


This is a little renowned position, but commented in big mass media. However, on our beloved blog which is full of racy fantasies, we are suggesting to go beyond vanilla sex and look for new ideas which make sex pleasure for everyone.

During forty seven, both enjoy sex at the same time. Practice makes perfect, so with a little practice you’ll be able to cum at the same time. Escorts have told us that that it isn’t the most usual, but sometimes it arrives a hot-blooded client asking for it.

“When they ask for this position, I kneel on the bed while my client lies down with his head near my pussy. Then, he dines at my Y (DATY) and I masturbate him. It is similar to a sixty-nine, but a little different because there is more distance and you are able to see your partner’s whole body. This is an exciting position, but few people know it. I think it is good for them to read this blog and try it. The best part of it is to watch your partner and you getting excited at the same time; you are on the edge of climax, too.”

Calm down. Everything is possible with patience and devotion. If you liked forty-seven, then you can describe it to your escort or call girl and start practicing.

Pubis practices

The escorts have revealed another little renowned position, although it is really exciting and racy. “Sometimes, I attend some client who wants us to play a little bit before fucking. I like to lie him down on bed and massage his arse and back with my pubis. Some ask me to massage their nape. That depends on the client’s likings. This practice leads to a pleasurable relaxed sex. This way we forget about typical positions in bed and try new more creative things.”

Although we have described some positions for pleasurable sex recommended by escorts, passion, sensuality, complicity and trust with our sex partner are the keys to have a sexual encounter which leads us to get a huge cum and give our best, above all. 

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