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Relax and sex: Happy ending massages
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Relax and sex: Happy ending massages

Wednesday 28 September 2016

Thai, Japanese, arab or Caribbean. We aren’t talking about restaurants, but massages. Current trends lead us to experience weird mixtures when it comes to massages. Chocolate, rose’s essential oil, silk, Japanese futons, incense and chill music.

Relax got trendy time ago and it is still with us. Western world has surrendered to Asian arts and we are more than ready to pay for them. But, if we go beyond relax, we will find what we like the most: happy ending massages. The treat we deserve: a massage to relax, find ourselves again and end by getting a nice blowjob.

Happy ending massages

Yes, having hot stones on your back, exotic fruit face masks and bathing on plain chocolate is nice, but ending the experience with a good blowjob really kills it.

That is what we were waiting for, a perfect mixture between relax and pleasure. Happy ending massages are the hot version of the chill out trends including candles and expert masseuses in easing muscle contractures.

Erotic massages in Barcelona are one of the best experiences we can find get from a beautiful escort. Seductive and hot masseuses will please you in the way you want.  

Erotic massages in Barcelona

In some relax parlours, erotic massages don’t include sex, but only touching erogenous areas of the body; in others, erotic massages include a masturbation or oral sex, depending on what are the demands of clients. You’d better always check the included services beforehand, so you don’t wait for a never-coming blowjob.

You may be wondering why is the reason to touch erogenous areas, so clients get home with a hard-on. Good question.

We don’t know the answer to it since things always end in the best way at Perla Negra.

Escorts and expert sluts in erotic massages in Barcelona can offer you a very special experience full of pleasant surprises. In addition to know the right technique to relax muscles and tendons, they also know how to get a man relaxed.

You can ask for a bareback blowjob (BBBJ),  for a cum in face blowjob (CIF), a cum in mouth blowjob (CIM), or a deep throat. There are some escorts who perform those services. If you like CIF, then you’ll be able to see your cumming’s reflection in the face of the escort who has just blowed you.

Tantric massages

Tantric massages are a quiet and long experience whilst we connect with our sex partner. They can be practice sitting one opposite the other naked while touching certain areas in search of arousement until it grows up to an orgasm.

Tantric sex isn’t alike the sex we know, it is a different way of sex, equally exciting, but it has nothing to do with a porn movie.

Relax area

Perla Negra’s relax area counts with a bath tube, candle lighting, chill-out music, rose petals and a stunning escort waiting for us to start touching our body with her expert hands.

We have talked to a regular client of Perla Negra who has explained us his opinion about erotic massages: “It is like a prize. I’m usually very busy at work and have little time to relax. I used to go to a parlour to get a massage, but since the moment I saw the pictures of an Egyptian escort specialized in happy ending massages, I wanted to try her. The room had every detail, it was silent, I only heard the sound of water. First, we took a foam bath together; she was sitting behind me and started relaxing me. Then, I lied down on the massage table and she did a great job, I could notice her expertise. Happy ending arrived when I was fully relaxed. She performed one of the best blowjobs I’ve ever experienced with a slut and after resting a bit, I came back home feeling better than never.”

It is clear, men need sex, but also to relax and be treated. We usually don’t have spare time during the day or week. So, a happy ending massage is our moment.

One thousand and one massages

Once you decide to book a quiet evening with a Brazilian escort, a Spanish escort, or a Japanese escort, you can ask her what kind of massages she performs.

There are escorts who are really skilled in massage art, not only in sex. You can ask her about the kind of massages she performs and how long does she spend in each practice. We have talked to a masseuse escort about this: “most clients aren’t looking for a relax evening, they come for a blowjob and vaginal sex, that makes around 15 minutes, but the number of clients who want to relax with me is increasing. I take care of the environment, the music, my technique, I try my clients feel like real kings in the arms of their favorite slut. Some of them want to finish with a blowjob, others prefer to finish with a massage which includes a handjob, others want me to ride them, but overall, they are looking for a different way of having sex, not the regular one.”

Massage on four

Massages on four are the greatest of all. If you liked what you have read so far about happy ending massages and erotic massages, we are sure you’ll love to know that it is possible to have it done by two escorts expert in erotic massages who make their four hands on deck to warm up by relaxing you and putting the icing on the cake with your orgasm.

Massage on four hands is like a trio, it can end with you getting lost between the hands and legs of the escorts. If you decided for this experience, then you should know that there’s a before and an after it because it is simple too pleasing. 

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