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Friday 03 June 2016

A-level pleasures and much more

Among the wide variety of services offered by the call girls of Perla Negra, you can find the most renowned ones, but also those services which hide unimaginable pleasures. Provided that it is highly recommended to attend a date with an escort knowing well what you want beforehand, we are going to explain the most hailed services offered by Perla Negra’s call girls.

Let’s begin. How many services can be performed on a dick? Ranging from a transvestism performance to a titfuck blowjob, there are endless possibilities thanks to human sexual creativity. People aren’t creative enough to get a decent TV programming, but have loads of imagination when it comes to picturing sex fantasies.

Perla Negra’s call girls services

Blowjob in all its version is one of the most successful services performed by Perla Negra’s call girls. Bareback or covered, grabbing the dick with their hands or breasts; escorts are masters in providing pleasure with their tongue and lips. Are you imagining it? What you have in mind can’t compare to the real escort skills when it comes to satisfying a man.

BBBJ is an uncovered blowjob. Many escorts will reject to perform this practice, however, some others will accept to blow you bareback. For instance, it is one of the most expected moments of GFE -girlfriend experience-. During this service, the escort and the client pretend their are in a normal relationship which include cuddling, kissing and BBBJ. In addition, it is usual to go out for a dinner or watch a movie together, just alike to any other pair of lovers.


PSE is going one step further than GFE. During this unusual service of Perla Negra’s call girls, sex is practiced like in porn movies, bareback and endlessly.

As this is a risky health behaviour, it is difficult to date a pornstar escort and turn this fantasy into reality. Porn actresses usually have full agendas, so it is difficult to contact one of them and get a slot on their tight schedule. On the other hand, the client’s blood and health tests take some time; fucking a pornstar isn’t at everybody’s fingerprints.

The black hole

Among the services performed by Perla Negra’s call girls, there are anal sex, also known as A-levels, and rimming, also known as analingus. Anal sex isn’t a service you can perform with most of them, so check their service list carefully because not all of them offer their ass. However, there are other escorts ready to give and receive pleasure that way.

Colorful kisses

Rimming is literally translated in Spanish as “black kiss” and it consists of licking, blowing and sticking your tongue in somebody’s ass. This area is extremely sensitive and many men need that stimulation to get the best hard-on in their entire life. Clients can ask for it as it is part of the services of some Perla Negra’s call girls. Men who are married to women usually miss their opportunity to experience this pleasure because they are afraid to be labelled as fags; however, it is a highly demanded service among heterosexual men who don’t dare to tell it to their wives.

Snowballing is literally translated in Spanish as “white kiss” and it is another service of Perla Negra’s call girls. It is uncommon to perform it because is a risky health behaviour, but you can always ask your escort if she performs it. During snowballing men eyaculate on the escort’s mouth, sperm is hold there and shared from one to the other mouth. Yes, that is what snowballing is about. Again, it is a demanded service to escorts, but not to girlfriends and wives. Fortunately, there are brothels like Perla Negra to push your sex limits beyond vanilla sex.

Normal kissing is also one of the services performed by Perla Negra’s call girls. In sex intercourses among an escort and her client, there is more contact downwards the neck than upwards. They usually share vaginal fluids, but no kissing or saliva. Some escorts are anxious to please their clients in all possible ways; however, that doesn’t include French kissing, unless the service is GFE.

Oh, please not France again

We are obsessed with France when it comes to talking about sex! We have deep French kissing and many other Spanish terms like “natural French” (BBBJ) and “French tie” (titfuck blowjob).

If clients don’t know what to choose among titfuck, which consists of breast wanking, and BBBJ, then they can try the wonderful titfuck blowjob service.

Titfuck blowjob is a way to experience a blowjob and a titfuck at a time. It is one of the most curious and pleasurable services performed by Perla Negra’s call girls. The escort will grab your dick with her breasts and blow you. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Perla Negra’s call girls services are a list of intense pleasures. Step by step. We can experience a new service every date. Slowly, but surely, so we don’t miss any Perla Negra’s call girls service. Without taboos, with discretion and full confidence.

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