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Sex for money

Monday 30 June 2014
Thus men made the money necessary, thus Nature made sex with women a need.

Another point of view was born when the luxury escort, who was leading the pro-prostitution movement, during TV prime time, turned around the subject one of the French Catholic groups' leader -those radical groups who claim they would burn down the city only to show what they would do to a homosexual married couple- brought up asking herself “how someone can get paid for sex”, whose answer was “I do not get how can you do it for free”. Because, if we really like sex, why do not pay for it?

Luxury escorts, what would they say?

 Luxury escorts in Barcelona, for instance, have acquired this point of view. Many ladies -no luxury whores, no call girls to homes, no Colombian whores, no uni girls escorts-, meaning all women who are not involved in the sex for money business, can understand prostitution as a form of slavery, exploitation, use and abuse of people, an attempt against human dignity, and so on.

However, it can be seen as the best form of sexual freedom. Who said sex must be only performed under love or attraction circumstances? Female gender have many powers, but only maternity and sex are their most remarkable ways.

We socially accept female sexuality as a mean to motherhood, but we never think of it as a mean to wealth and economic independence for women.

What luxury escorts, uni girls escorts, senior escorts, porn star escorts or independent escorts in Barcelona -or elsewhere- would say? Probably the answer would be they work
in a win-win business, because they earn a lot of money as well as they fuck as hell, and many ladies would love to do that but their beliefs and social prejudices stop them from it.

Escorts by nationalities

Colombian escorts, Venezuelan escorts, Brazilian escorts or Russian escorts are the names the ladies who work in the sex for money business use to advert themselves.
They come from overseas and carry out their sex jobs; they fill up their bank accounts, and later on they go back to their countries to open their own businesses, get married and have a “normal” life, or better let's say a “conventional” life. It is a highway for those girls who have not had an good economic chance in life, and are willing to run away from the social exclusion risk zone to flee overseas and work as prostitutes for a certain time. In other words, they get profit of a hypocritically socially established outlaw business to change their lives. Is it a way to do it? Of course it is, although it makes people wonder how ladies get more and quicker money from prostitution instead of degrees, it is a fact and a lifestyle -being carried out under free will and between adults with their own consent-that it should not become a problem to anybody.

Escorts and their clients

The escorts' clients hire the ladies' services the same way “a catering service or the business brands' website design are hired”. Sex is understood as a service. A client can be or can be not a usual customer; he can ask for a call girl to homes or a 
call girl to hotels service at any time. It is a need to cover “as any other” as they claim. Sex is a worldwide motor engine and many ladies know how to start it.

Some clients say they want to cover this need, to have sex, to fuck exactly the way they like, and to go out for drinks with a luxury escort as well, enjoying his companion in a dinner date or else clubbing. This does not mean loneliness of a man who pays for these services because he does not have a girlfriend, it is not more a sign of our 21st speedy times?

To each man his own whore

Different strokes for different folks... There is no accounting for taste! What do these idioms, coming from men's wisdom, teach us? There is no need to explain, indeed. The same whore can advertise her services under different profiles, one service can stand out above the others, but it is a fact the client will choose a lady depending on their denomination.

That is why sex workers' Internet websites use well-known keywords such as uni girls escorts, adaptable escorts, very tall escorts, senior escorts, call girls to homes, naughty dirty escorts, call girls to hotels; and depending on their nationality, Spanish escorts, Brazilian escorts, Venezuelan escorts, Russian escorts, Asian escorts, Muslim escorts... well, an endless list that gives us an idea about their sexual services in a few words.

On the other hand, these girls offer a services list to their clients including companionship to dinner dates, companionship for clubbing and drinks, relax, erotic massages, threesomes or couples' attention, adult entertainment, and the most demanded sexual services like 
anal sex, sex toys, black kiss, white kiss, bareback blowjob  or face fuck, all of these services framed by the escorts' denomination. In brief, this is the sex professionals' varied services list with endless combinations, postures, roles and practices. A wide range for clients and naughty couples.

All girls definitely offer passionate, dirty, naughty, powerful and fast, kind and relaxing sex. This offer exists because of the different clients' demands, because more than a half of Spain's male population admit having paid for sex, but we all know it is a lie, that there is more than a half.

Why? Because of money need from one side and sex need from the other side. An explosive binomial since the beginning of times, because thus men made the money necessary, thus Nature made sex with women a need. 
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