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Sex-horoscope 2017
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Sex-horoscope 2017

Monday 02 January 2017

We are leaving 2016 behind us and thinking that 2017 will bring us different things, for the mere fact that it’s a number, everybody reads their horoscope intentionally or accidentally. What will this year bring us? Will our fate be fulfilled at last? Will we fuck more and better, or the same as always? We are interested in work and health but we more interested in sex and even love.

After consulting the opinion of an astrologer escort expert in stars, planets and cocks, we have collected highly important information and we’ll reveal it on our beloved blog. December has arrived, the sex-horoscope!


The year is starting and you keep flirting, as always, or at least trying. The astrologer escort has told us that neither love or sex are very important to this sign in 2017. Perhaps it’s the best time to go mongering and stop trying to flirt at a disco. Yes, all your friends got married and others have children and a stability you may feel jealous about, but you shouldn’t care about that. Each to their own pace. 2017 is a good year for work and to practice sports and improve your health. Recommended activity: Fucking outdoors.


You are a wild bull and you know it. Great lover and a wild beast when needed. You are complete, joyful and friendly. But just as the previous sign, nor love or sex are important for your sign in 2017. Don’t get impatient. You’ll be ok. Your partner, however, will ask you to move forward. Careful as she could be getting bored or become so in the upcoming twelve months. We recommend you creativity. Start thinking about erotic toys at least. Recommended activity: Services to couples with the sexiest escort.


With the most bipolar sign the god stuff starts. Love, work and health mean nothing to him this year. Gemini could beat some records in 2017. Sexual attraction is the key. It doesn’t need to share the same taste with its fling or go to yoga together. Sex opportunities multiply. Throw the garbage, cueing at the supermarket, feeding the pigeons in the park. In any situation sparks can start. Recommended activity: Visiting a swingers club.


Cancer is also cheeky throughout 2017 but, on the contrary to the previous one, manages to find a couple of partners. You’ll get laid everywhere but you’ll hook up with two people. One will be, in the end, just another fuck; the other you’ll really like. Recommended activity: blowjob titfuck.


Leo in 2017 is more cheerful than ever. It’s true that usually you are lucky in love, this new year will take you to an intense social activity and not so much in the area of love. Sexually you’ll be really horny. You’ll attend multitude of parties, concerts, dinners, etc. You could catch someone interesting at one of those outings. Look good and have fun. Recommended activity: Two men and a woman.


You’ve fuck a lot in your life. You’ve experimented things other people don’t know yet exist. You’ve run a lot already. Maybe you’re tired of fucking and fucking without finding the spark of passion. Sometimes is good to stop a little, particularly, to distinguish the interesting flings from those which are not. Nowadays everything goes very fast. Try to go slower. Recommended activity: Romantic fucks.


It’s the year of romantic adventures for Libra. If your partner is this sign, you know what’s coming. Big time unfaithfulness. The astrologer escort can’t see whose fault it is or if it’s something that can’t be avoided. In any case, you’ll request the freedom to experiment. You could suggest saucy things, you’re out there and you can’t be controlled. Recommended activity: Discretion.


You are the kings of sex. You are never short of it. You are the kind that doesn’t need to show off because you don’t need to. Your lovers know it. If you are in a relationship, you’ll probably continue with it; if not, you’ll carry on having romantic adventures, which are the ones you prefer, as fucking without attraction is not for you. Recommended activity: Investigation the various G points in the pussy.


You could improve in your amorous capacities. You are witty in bed but only rarely. Come on! If you don’t get your act together, your partner could call an escort and make a trio with her best friend. Be wary. Imagine a fantasy each month and try to fulfill it. Put energy into your sexual life. Recommended activity: Trying what we suggest in the blog.


If you like her, you should have made a move to conquer her already. You fall in love easily. Every now and then you fall for someone but you lack the courage to seduce. You can! Use your charm. New clothes, a hairdresser session. And above all plenty confidence. Recommended activity: Fucking with the best escorts in Barcelona.


You’ve had worst sexual moments. 2016 is behind you and it’s time to change your mentality. To have fun and give yourself chances if needed. If you think you still don’t know women, you’re right. Therefore, when you go mongering, at least, talk to them, without being a busybody. They can instruct you properly. Recommended activity: learning to eat pussy properly.


2017 is the year to pass the test. If you’re in a relationship, you know you’ll have to improve, prove you have a spark and that you’re it. There are lots of people eager to catch someone like your girlfriend. Level up now. Your sensitivity is legendary, that will always open up many legs for you but overwhelming passion can never be forgotten. Recommended activity: Watch porn and right down ideas.

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