Sex with a pornstar: legendary sexual encounters

Although GFE, a practice in which clients fake the luxury escort, mature escort , or escort in Barcelona  is their girlfriend, is trendy, we can also find PSE, pornstar experience, which is harder and wilder than the previous one.

Pornstar escorts  aren’t the new black in paid-sex industry, but they are the most expensive option among all escorts. Some of them may earn several thousands of Euros in exchange for just one hour of work. Fame has a price and pornstar escort’s fans are ready to spend some money on a date with their favorite pornstar. Despite their expensive rates, pornstar escorts are the most desired and requested escorts for legendary sexual encounters.

For many men, dating a pornstar is a dream come true. Watching a smutty daring movie and imagining that the one who is putting it in is you, not an actor on the screen, is the most repeated fantasy. However, dating a pornstar, given their importance, includes many aspects which are interesting to know beforehand.

Pornstar escorts: where to find them

Generally, pornstar escorts have so much work that they don’t need to advertise as an available whore  for any client whenever. Think about how many photo shoots, porn filming, calendars, and personal shows fill their agendas up. They have little time to go to a hotel and meet their clients, so it is comprehensible that clients have to pay much money for her time.

In addition, pornstar escorts don’t advertise as whores, their rates are so high that their fans can’t afford them. If you want to make your dream of fucking with a pornstar escort come true, the best option for you is to come to an agency which have pornstar escorts available and get your wallet out.

What kind of client is able to get a date with a pornstar escort?

After all what we have said previously, it is not difficult to conclude that pornstar escorts are the ones in charge, so they look carefully the client they are about to date. Pornstar escorts are pretty exclusive because they don’t have much time, and they have few selected clients who must be very special.

Don’t fool ourselves, in paid-sex world what it really matters is to have a wallet as impressive as the pornstar herself. If clients are ready to pay a huge amount of money for one hour, it is very likely that her answer will be “yes”.

On the other hand, there is a wide variety of people who watch porn, you know it well, right? That makes very difficult for the pornstar escort to know what clients are going to bring trouble. It is not weird that pornstar escorts suffer harassment, persecution, and other crazy stuff. Pornstar escorts must be aware of what kind of client they have chosen when it comes to locking with them in a room, so they are sure they are not there to hurt, or threaten them.

Pornstar escorts usually ask for a deposit before fulfilling their clients’ biggest fantasies. This way they are able to avoid men who only want to bother them, as they cannot afford the price to be with their favorite pornstar escort.

Pornstar escort services

Pornstar escort catalogue of services offer practices which are unimaginable for other escorts. Given that they meet few clients per year, it is possible to practice unsafe sex with them; in other words, without using a condom and mixing their body fluids uncontrollably. It is hazardous to health, that’s why pornstar escorts have so few clients and cost so expensive.

In addition, they will ask their clients to take a full health test to make sure they don’t have any disease which means a threat to pornstar escorts’ health. Therefore, you can’t book a date with one of them immediately, it needs to be planned and also client’s disposal to have health tests.

PSE: pornstar experience

Pornstar escorts are the best in providing the most authentic experience: fucking with a pornstar. This practice is really hard. Sex with a pornstar is going to be wild, crazy and hard. All their practices lack of affection and passion, they reflect harsh sex. This experience is focused on sexual satisfaction, without affection or anything alike, just the contrary to GFE girlfriend experience.

Among other practices, sex with pornstars includes anal sex , CIF (cum in face) blowjob , penetration with harness, and even CIM (cum in mouth) blowjob if the client is healthy.

Although it is many men’s fantasy, the truth is that pornstars are human beings, so the experience will depend on the personal connection with the client, and also on his likings. In the end, it may happen that after daydreaming for years, the date with a pornstar doesn’t meet all your expectations. In addition, pornstars’ faces and figures on the screen differ from reality; therefore, don’t you dare to think they are going to be the same as in a movie.

It isn’t weird that when the most desired day in a client’s life arrives, he gets so nervous that he isn’t able to fuck as he liked. In that case, he can say he is the silliest man on Earth, and ask the pornstar an autograph at least.