Finally arrives the long-awaited time of the year in which you can read an advice to apply to your love life. Many mistrust the hidden power of the stars but no fewer tell us how right are the forecasts. Are you ready?


It has taken you some time to face it head on but once you have, it’s has done a lot of good to you! Sex was something that didn’t interest you a lot at that time but now that you have tried it, how much you like it! And, more importantly, how well you do it! In 2018 don’t stop trying things and be careful with so much change of partner if you’re single.

You should: Do a 69


You are gaining a lot of self confidence and that’s extremely attractive. Until now you haven’t considered the pearl at the bottom of the sea, but in 2018 you’re on fire! Your personal charm unfolds without you noticing and you awaken passion without being aware of it. Since we’ve said it, use your sex appeal as it won’t let you down at all.

You should: Go to bed with someone you’re attracted to but you don’t know.


We see plenty of movement in the celestial vault of Pisces. There could be a long trip, perhaps a passionate romance, maybe an important inner advance. Do you want to close a story and you don’t know how? In 2018, Pisces finds the strength to finish off matters and really love itself.

You should: Do a ménage a trois.


The year in which the goat turns into a bit of a “bitch” and doesn’t let herself be stepped onto ever again. It’s the time for strength and for conquering with your charms without trying to be another person. There are very attractive people around you’d like to copy but no, big mistake! Now you must be yourself and not be shy to show yourself. Spring is there and if you work at it, no one will resist you.

You should: Have sex in the middle of the country side.


You’re very annoying sometimes and you know it. You tire yourself out mentally. Allow yourself to live and don’t calculate so much. While you’re trying to find out the why of something life and opportunities pass you by. When the summer arrives and Venus is in your constellation, you’ll feel your passion more fiery than ever. Don’t turn it off by yourself with your thoughts, let it evolve.

You should: Do rimming.


Some astrologers say 2018 will be the year in which finally Gemini finally achieves what has longed for. Could it be the perfect lover or a considerable professional improvement? Is there nothing else in life than lovers and work? Fortunately, there is. Your health will be strong as an ox after some difficulties in the year that just ended. Love and money, yes, very important but, how attractive is someone with good health and a great body.

You should: Cover your lover with pieces of fruit and eat them


You’re a lunatic sign and you know it. You do strange things when nobody looks at you and your mood changes as people change their T-shirt. Don’t worry and don’t fight against that, that’s the way Cancer is, a being fool of surprises and inner life. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to end that relationship that doesn’t add anything to you, not even good sex, and open the door to someone else. Life goes on and you’re hair has started to fall.

You should: Cross dress and enjoy the experience.


Your striking hair makes you feel very cocky but you’re very stupid sometimes. You’re still waiting for those love stories in suspense to liven up and no, there is nothing to do. In 2018 you must recognise yourself the way you are, with your lights and shades.

You should: Make out with your girl friend.


Virgo’s creativity appears yet another year. In every sphere Virgo is standing out, in all of them but love. We don’t see stable relationships in 2018 for the virgins of the zodiac. However, we see an alternation of lovers, brief but intense relations that will really amuse you. You’ll be able to try something new in bed, if there is still something to try.

You should: Direct and orgy.


Who doesn’t risk doesn’t win. From that starting point, you know what we mean, don’t you Libra? Your friends are bored to death with your change of plans. As soon as you have it all planed and almost at your fingertips you dismantle it and you are left with a desperate face. In 2018 try to have a real good time, without trying to please anyone or spoiling those plans you are so attracted to yourself.

You should: Have a Nuru massage.


Your sex appeal is legendary but even more your ardent passion. It’s coming out of your ears and you need to share it or you’ll explode. This has taken you to give it at sale cost. You’ve gone through sad and miserable loves just to give yourself, but that doesn’t satisfy you. Nobody wants to go home with a bad taste after pouring out their passion. Although your sexual impulse is very powerful, in 2018 you’ll have to restrain yourself and not give it for sale, but value it instead and not be afraid to be alone if the right person doesn’t turn up.

You should: Make love


The five lunar eclipses in 2018 will shake the depths of Sagittarius. You’re there like in the corner, you have to wise up and go out. Routine and plans do attract you and have their positive side. In that way, you’ve planed your holidays and such things, but when it comes to passion, the parameters are not the same, in fact, there are none. If you have a partner you must go full on and surprise her, if not, 2018 is the year to try something groundbreaking.

You should: Do a service to couples.