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Sexual scent

Thursday 04 September 2014
When observing our world, we can see that some species have better conditions to mate sharing their sexual fluids in a relatively short time, sometimes it is really quickly! Other species, like the human being, need to take quite longer.

For instance, let's see how dogs proceed to the approaching and mating goals. The female dog's scent is a strong intense floating fragrance the male dog can smell from miles away, and as a true Romeo, he would travel that long in order to mate. There is no room for mistakes, she is on heat and wants to mate, and she might not reject any of the dogs who would go after her. They would enjoy sex with no problems and they would get to their mating goal. The mean has been only the sexual scent.

Insects act quite the same way; some male insects travel hundreds of miles away in the wind dragged by the stick-on-everything female scent. Male insects know the high reward coming after their effort, their instinct never fails.

Birds, however, are not dragged by the scent; we can observe in our cities, very often, male pigeons chasing females, who keep running away tirelessly for hours. Winged beings mate by visual perception, and they fail quite often, so male birds need to show off, using different techniques like dancing, plumage display and so on, in order to mate the non-impressed female birds.

Human beings mate in a way closer to the birds techniques rather than the dogs'. Some evolution studies prove that when humans stood up on our feet, the sense of smell lost importance in pro of sight taking its place in mating matters; however, it is a fact when humans smell the sexual scent, it arouses immediately our deepest animal yearnings.

What do escort girls
 think about the sexual scent?

We have talked with a gorgeous 
uni girl escort and she has admitted “for me, the man's scent is extremely important, either before and after taking his clothes off”. Another girl, a Brazilian escort, confessed “I love the man's smell, his sweat smell, not the many days one, but the after sport and after sex sweat smell, it drives me crazy, it arouses my deepest instincts and makes me want to fuck him over and over again”. There are different opinions about the subject, the Russian escort says it is very important for her the perfume the guy is using, but she definitely believes perfumes with pheromones do not really work. The Venezuelan escort thinks that a truly hot guy really cares about his personal fragrance, his hygiene, and uses some perfume, just enough to keep it perfect, not knocking down the ladies with it.

Natural scents vs. Artificial scents

A Colombian escort with threesome -
couple attention - experience says “they both came over together and asked for a threesome service; they were a very handsome couple in their fifties. We got a shower so all the artificial perfumes were wiped out of our bodies. I loved the lady and the gentleman scents, they were natural, intense, and it also aroused me to watch her enjoying my natural fragrance”. For the Spanish escort, it is very important to keep the natural fragrances “because everything becomes too artificial; I like hygiene, of course, but not to get to the limit of hiding all the human scents”.

What fragrances hover in a nightclub atmosphere such as La vie en rose/ Perla Negra BCN?

In the high-standing private nightclub like the mentioned one, the female and male fragrances spread over the hot atmosphere, after all, ladies and gentlemen gather together looking for unlimited sexual relationships. 
Luxury escorts use their wiles to attract the clients, usually a combination of good looks and scents; many girls are intense French perfumes users, like the Ukrainian escorts; other girls prefer fresher and lighter perfumes, like the very young escorts or the uni girls escorts. A senior escort riddles and jokes about how the clients choose her and how she chooses them as well, since she feels attraction to the guys' scents, the ones blanketing the bar advancing a foreseeable pleasant sexual relationship.

Bottled pheromones

Lately, the pheromone-charged big amount of perfumes in the market, have been teasing people about their irresistible drops infallibility; but, far from the truth, flirting and seducing techniques do not depend on a liquid in a bottle, no matter how expensive it might be.

In fact, good looks and nice personality are the best combination for a successful relationship between men and women. Plato once said long ago, all good is beautiful. Good manners, elegance and nice details can be sometimes the best sexual fragrance supplement.

One of the girls we have spoken to about this interesting subject, an independent freelance escort, says “I have been with many ladies and gentlemen, and generally speaking, physical beauty was not their strongest feature, however, their ability to make me laugh, their sense of humour, their good manners, or their shyness, caught my eye and I decided to give my best to them”. The pornstar escort admits that in the porn industry perfumes are not very in, in fact, during orgies filmings, the atmospheres are loaded with a powerful sexual fragrance, making the actors and actresses feel more aroused and willing to work.

In conclusion, the sexual scent is still a powerful stimulant that cannot be bottled up, but we can never forget about our looks care either.
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