Imagination can shape your reality. In this article we are going to give you some mentions of a small detailed glossary about four sexual practices, not very habitual, but extremely pleasant.

The mind can fly and make us feel in a very real way many of these definitions; our pulse accelerates and the imagination fantasizes, we see a beautiful woman and we want to do everything with her.

Although passion can lead the couple to do many things that tempt the red line, the head should always curb the dangerous practices for our health, because if we want to enjoy the sexual explosion and remember it for a long time with great pleasure, it is necessary to maintain some rules of hygiene and not to swallow everything that tastes good and comes from someone with good looks.


Snowballing consists of practicing oral sex and with all that delicious cumshot in the mouth, kissing our over.

Vaginal discharge or semen goes from one mouth to another and both enjoy this practice to the maximum pleasure, at least, shocking, but perfectly feasible if the person with whom we are maintaining relationships excites us a lot.

Sharing body fluids, either vaginal or seminal, in the mouth of the other, can be something very pleasant, as well as the kissing with your couple with that flow and notice these viscous fluids. Maybe that's why it's such an intimate practice and need time to complete it.

From a respectful point of view with any sexual practice that may be dangerous, do not forget that the flow and semen harbor much more than a highly stimulating sexual power but also carry all kinds of bacteria and viruses; even if it means a total submission to our partner of intimate games, the head must stay cool when it comes to selecting what we put in our mouths.

Once the reflection is done, enjoy snowballing and remain speechless after doing it.

Golden Rain

This expression comes from the painting of Tiziano Dánae receiving the golden rain, painted in 1553. This painting illustrates the mythological chapter in which Jupiter, donor of the beauty of Dánae, turns into a rain of gold, appears in the tower where she was protected and, as such, fecundates the girl, from whom the hero Perseus was born.

Today, the "golden shower" is the colloquial term used to call urolagnia, a paraphilia in which a person enjoys urinating on the sexual partner or being urinated.

If you are interested in practicing this activity, keep in mind that it is also the flow of semen, urine also carries bacteria and viruses that are better go to the urinal than to your mouth. Still, some say it is less dangerous than snowballing. This is another example of enjoying a wild sex and humiliating practices. But, if it is the same one that asks, is it still such humiliation?


BDSM is an acronym for BD (Bondage and Discipline), DS (Dominance-Submission) and SM (Sado-Masochism). It is a complex sexual discipline that has a coded language and many followers who have come to create their own meeting places, specific narrative on the subject, networks, their own language, system of values and symbols.

This practice includes role play, playful activities, such as staging or transvestism, and sexual activities. The goal is absolute delivery, much more than orgasm or the exchange of fluids.

Those who practice it allude to their spiritual transformation after this experience and highlight the importance of trust among those who do it.


Power is defined as "the ability of someone to modify or influence the behavior of another." The one who exercises that domination is called master and the one who receives in the submissive.

People who are part of the BDSM fantasize about the role play and enjoy being submissive or master, in no case is it a crime because both parties agree and wish to receive torture. One comes to ecstasy under that power and another because it exerts it.

However, it is very striking and unique that people relate to a relationship of power and, later, in domestic and social life, their relationships are egalitarian, or at least as much as the rest. Those who practice "normal" sex called by the BDSM "vanilla sex" pretend to society to be respectful and equal with their partners but once they close the door of their home relations, their reality changes.


Within this section are many types of practices all aimed at embarrassing, humiliating and vexing a person as long as they enjoy it and understand it as a liberating catharsis. A submissive needs a master, and likes to be urinated, vexed, tortured genitally and insulted by him. But for the parties involved there is no suffering, only liberation.

These practices are never done to hurt the self-love of the submissive, they have nothing to do with it even though it sounds very strange. The submissive receives a training as the dominant, who appropriates the submissive and treats it as an object that belongs to the property holds. The practice of body worship and the adoption of roles are some of the things that complete BDSM.

What do you prefer? Hard decision! But why does sex sometimes involve such uninspiring things? As some would say, for tastes the colors (or paraphilias). Many people who practice domination include among their activities peeing on top of each other or snowballing.

Some of our collaborating girls look forward to realizing your sexual fantasies.