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Spring, temperature rising!
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Spring, temperature rising!

Thursday 30 March 2017

Although the truth is that seasons affect us all year round, now that spring has started, much is said about allergies and asthenia. The world affects each of us differently, with more or less intensity. Something is clear, the world affects us and we affect the world. Concerning us, how do these changes affect our sexuality?

From blue to bright red

The languid winter invites us to the sofa, cover and an affectionate fuck; spring madness to walking naked in the parks. Don’t be prudish, there won’t be anything more enjoyable in town.

In fact, in the long lethargy of the cold months, we are warming up the motors that will start in the warm months. It’s just a cause and it’s effect. We recommend, to get through the dark November, December etc, to pass by Perla Negra to have a drink and cheer up your body in the company of a beautiful Russian escort. Or call her and meet in your own place, for which, the GFE or girlfriend experience is the best.

Once these small practical advices have been given to survive winter, let’s get into the spring section as we’ve just started it and our desire is for everyone to have a good time.

Flirting, romances and sex

That’s what humans look for in the most flowery season of the year. Many forget the withdrawal in their living rooms and the hundreds of hours of television series they have swallowed up. Then want to get adventurous and live passionate stories.

People go around in skimpy clothes, smile more and are ready to start a conversation with anyone. Spring is like that. It rocks. The very opposite of winter, which is elusive and miserable.

According to psychologists, spring really increases the desire to meet new people and undress them. If in winter it’s two slow steps, in spring one thing leads to another.

Sun light is present again and temperature rises. Simply, solar light makes us be in a better mood, diminishes stress and, hence, increases relaxation. We have asked a university teen escort which is the season she has more fun with her clients. “ When it starts to warm up my clients cheer up and not only do I have more dates at hotels or homes but I also go out more to lunches and dinners with them. Men want to have fun, go out, celebrate anything and, of course, more sex”

We could define a chain of reasons why spring alters the blood: More light, more energy, more joy, more fresh air, more social, more exercise, less stress and... les clothing!


Although we have to go on the sun with precaution, just with fifteen minutes of exposure we are strengthening our health, desire to live and know intimately other people.


That light abundance makes us produce less melatonin and, therefore, we are less sleepy. After a winter in which one of our favourite activities is sleeping, our body wants Salsa. That energy must be liberated or we’ll feel like we are going to explode!


It’s true that we are happier because thanks to the solar light we produce serotonin, the hormone of happiness. A great impulse forces us to go out on to the street, chat with others, invite to a drink and walk along the beach with our feet on the water. Truth is, we are looking for one thing: new bed partners!

Fresh air

Houses have been closed down as well as our mood and now we want fresh air. To breathe fresh and renewed air makes us smile and be healthier. We open the house and we open up as well.


It’s normal. If the sun warms us and gets us in a good mood, the last thing we want is staying at home and chat. In spring we are ready to go out, enjoy that light and that air we were talking about. And in the open spaces and the offer of activities, we find a multitude of people as ready as we are. It’s the perfect time to make out.


We start to take layers and layers off and we discover that we have a body! And worst of it: It needs sport!. Summer is approaching, the first signs of warmth announce it and we all want to be Casanovas.

Hence, physical activity is one of the things that fill up the afternoons and weekends as spring starts. Practicing some sport, and not only see it on television, produces endorphins (the hormones of feeling good), provides us with a healthier and more attractive body. All together, gets us horny and ready for sex.


Light, our joyful and active mood, the new people that have arrived into our lives and, above all, practicing our dirtiest and most perverse fantasies with them, makes us walk relaxed in life. Finally, worries lose their importance.


It’s not that people go naked on the street in spring but both men and women show a lot more skin. In the winter, the face is shown, neck and hands at the most. With spring and its warmth we throw coats and boots to the dungeons and free ourselves.

Mini-skirts, cleavage, shorts, tight t-shirts and tops become street wear. Naturally, men are more than ready to enjoy it. As we are visual beings, we take the opportunity to walk around and give ourselves a pleasure bath to the eyes.

With all these factors, it’s normal for that university teen escort to tell us that her clients call her a lot more. They want to pretend there is nothing going on but passion is boiling under their skin and they need to share it with someone. All the better if it’s with a sex professional that knows well what they want.

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