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 Summer arrives: beach, heat and plenty of sex
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Summer arrives: beach, heat and plenty of sex

Wednesday 21 June 2017

Summer arrives, the heat, skimpy clothes and wet skin. And luckily also frozen beer and light salads.The streets fill up with miniskirts, tops and sandals. Everything is out in the open. The eyes of the voyeurs recreate themselves and the exhibitionists’ spirit is high. Why does the sexual instinct shoot up in the summer? Are you part of that large group or does the heat gets in your way to practice postures?

The sexual instinct in the summer

It’s no coincidence that humans are more excited about conquering partner after partner in the summer. It’s the hours exposed to the sun and its accumulative effect on our bodies the factors that induce the rise of libido.

The sun shines more brightly, everything exudes heat, we take of our clothes and, therefore, more centimeters of our skin receive its effect. The equation is very simple. The more solar rays we absorb, the happier we are. Our genitals are not different from the rest of our body. There is a general over joy in everyone’s bodies! If we add a summer terrace, drinks and skimpy dresses, we can understand the effect of summer on us.

The sun light makes our brain produce serotonin, a neurotransmitter directly involved in the experience of pleasure. Also, that happiness drives us to search social life and do more exercise. We feel alive and optimistic. Everything comes together to be readier to have more sexual relations than in the winter. It’s true that covered in quilted coats and boots we don’t let our charms be seen, not even to ourselves.

Too hot for me

On the opposite position we find people who don’t like to get closer to anyone when the thermometer outside is at 40 degrees. The mere sight of a sweaty body giving off heat and sweat, on or on one side of the bed, horrifies them.

For some the summer is the moment to search for the shadow, drink something cold and do the minimum physical activities possible. Interestingly, Google has revealed the peaks of sex pages search in the world. We find one in December and January and another in July and August. We can deduct that the human species is always horny, at any time of the year. Cold or warmth is no excuse or motive to let one selves go by passion.

Summer fantasies

Summer is the season more conducive to fulfill fantasies. One of the reasons is that there are plenty more people ready to sleep with someone else without asking too many questions. Another, everyone has thought about sometime doing it on the beach.

Inside the sea, perhaps better than on the sand, among the dunes or in a nearby pinewood, sex on the beach has given its name to a cocktail and it’s no coincidence. We ask the escorts about the fantasies clients ask more often for on these hot months. There are many options, more than the ones offered by the escorts on their online profiles. The mind of the clients is far more creative.

The Spanish escort comments that, the one clients more often ask for in the summer, is to attend a sexual party in their own house. Some set it up well and want to share it with their friends. It’s not rare to go to one of those parties each week, sometimes even more.

The black escort tells us that, for her, it’s all about discos in which a bottle of champagne is thousands of Euros. Monaco, Ibiza or Cannes, are the typical destinations for the best prepared pockets. Luxury yachts or mansions are the favorite scenarios for the best summer private parties. “Sometimes a specific client calls me. We already know each other and he wants me to be at a party he’s throwing, other times, companies organize luxury parties, with very well known guests and they put us in charge of cheering up the evening”, tells us the escort, “ that’s how I spend most of the summer then, when it ends, I need a month rest”.

The French escort tells us that for her the summer is synonym with plenty of work. “I take a plane almost every week. In the summer there are lots of private parties. Cinema or music festivals also have escorts to attend guests of honor. If you have good contacts and you work well, you can go from May until September non-stop”.

Have you practiced sex on a plane? Plenty of people will answer affirmatively this question but far lee is we ask, have you participated on an orgy on a plane? Well, that’s not rare among the richest in the world. If you come to think of it, it’s a good way to lose your fear of flying.

As everyone is organizing sexual parties at mansions and yachts, why not escaping the foreseeable and start in Moscow and end up in Ibiza? It’s a lot more original! The Russian escort tells us she’s been to more than one of those parties. “Luxury is unbelievable. Only the cost of the plane and personnel give you an idea of the money those who organize it have. You can meet super famous people and drink in golden glasses. They are not the norm but when you participate in one of those parties, there is a before and after your career as an escort”.

As we can see, the summer is a time for recreation and fun for everyone. We are more hours out in the open and with far lee clothes. It’s normal for the body to ask us to loosen up and enjoy. For it, the best company is that of an escort who’ll be the perfect partner to make your desires come true.

Postures, obscure fantasies, toys, trios, services to couples, sexual parties and the whole sex universe is waiting for your proposal tonight.

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