Tantra is a compilation of esoteric traditions with a related corpus of sacred and philosophical texts which origin goes back over to the first millennium before Christ. The word derives from the sanskrit word tan which means spreading, manifesting. Since the Modern Age it has achieved a huge success in the Western world, becoming exposed to sincretism with different cultures and ideologies, which gave birth to a slow transformation and to the incorporation of new concepts additional to its original religious basis.

That is the reason why, for centuries, Tantra has been the object of study and debate of many religious anthropologists, psychologists and sociologists. Many say that Tantra is considered as a “system of practices” about the vision of the man and the cosmos, given that its supporters can find several correspondences between the inside world of people and the macrocosmos which surrounds them.

However, we will choose one of the most recent, clear and updated definitions. It’s David Gray’s one, who affirms that Tantra is a miscellaneous of Vedic traditions, yogas and meditation in his book Tantric Traditions in 2016, which basis is in the ancient hinduism, buddhism and jainism. One of the practices which take part in Tantra is Tantric massage, of course.

What’s a Tantric massage?

The Tantric massage is a kind of erotic massage, since it focuses mainly on the following parts: penis, vagina, mouth and anus. It uses the sexual energy to get a state of greater “vital conscience”, as the experts would say, and to wake our seven Chakras, also known as centres of energy. Since, this practice release a kind of energy that, when it’s canalized in the natural flux of sexual energy, it’s blocked by the daily stress.

There are endless Tantric massages, but the best renowned are Lingam, in the case of men, and Yoni in the case of women. However, although the techniques are different in both of them, since the physiognomy of men and women differs, both massages have some characteristics in common: don’t taking the eyes out of each other, being natural and spontaneous and letting yourselves carry away when possible, but, above all, giving special attention to breathing.

This point is essential to fully understand the differences between a tantric massage and any other massage. You have to reach a calm breathing, which it’s obtained when mind and body relax. We are referring to a silent breathing, almost imperceptible. That kind of breathing has a greater power than you could possibly imagine: the alpha/theta waves of the brain, which are responsible for taking you to a meditative stage, where you will be able to look your inside and feel you are going beyond space and time.

Lingam massage with escorts

The genitals have an essential role to the physical, emotional and spiritual life in Tantra practices. That esoteric and sensual importance has spread also to the paid-sex world, because the necessity of relaxation and self-introspection in a very fast, stressful and allienant society has joint the most ancient job in the world. In fact, during the last years, the number of escorts who have specialized in techniques of sex different from the normative ones has multiplied: sexting, the trendiest fetishes and, of course, the world of Tantric massages.

We have advanced previously what is the Tantric massage that makes happy thousands of men in Spain, and particularly in Perla Negra; it’s called Lingam Massage. Lingam is a sanskrit word which means “penis”, literally “ magic wand of light”, and represents the energy and potential of Hindu deity Shiva. In the following paragraphs, we will explain you how easy is to enjoy this mystical and erotic experience and what a lingam escort with an escort is about, so that you can forget about your routine.

After having called or having sent a whatsapp to the hotel with escorts Perla Negra and having booked your massage with the escort you have previously chosen, there’s little to do until you can discover a new sexual, and above all sensual, dimension.

The escort will arrange a warm and cozy atmosphere for you, with scent candles, dim lighting and relaxing music. Once in the room, you have to lie down on your back, with some pillows that keep your head and chest a bit upwards. You have to keep your legs spread over, your genitals exposed and your knees slightly bent. Anyway, after having respected these guides, try to keep the most comfortable position for you. The luxury escort will apply a sexual lube on the lingam and testicles. She’ll start massaging the pubic bone, the perineum, also called pelvic floor, and only after having massaged these parts, she’ll stop on your member, in other words, the lingam.

She’ll alternate her right and her left hand, she’ll make pressure on the basis of the lingam, after that, she’ll slide her hands upwards and downwards thanks to the lube. The same technique will be repeated for the testicles and the anus subsequently, stimulating the prostate this way. You have to take deep and calm breaths during the whole massage. Very important: the aim of Lingam massage isn’t orgasm.

Interesting. Right? ;)

Benefits of a Tantric Massage with an escort

The benefits of Tantric Massage are countless. From the emotional point of view, you will get a greater control over your energy and sexual potential, you’ll gain more confidence in yourself and you’ll feel a better connection with your inside Me. However, from the physical point of view, there are only advantages: it helps to improve your infertility problems, anxiety, premature ejaculation, and you’ll get a different pleasure form the quick and commercial sex you have tried before.

Now that you know all what Tantric massage with escorts involves, don’t doubt to call Perla Negra and book a date with an escort expert in Tantric massages.