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Teen university escorts: they know all the needed to fuck a man
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Teen university escorts: they know all the needed to fuck a man

Tuesday 30 August 2016

The student, the intern, the university girl. To many men, that teen girl who is studying is perfect because she hasn’t been much fucked yet and her feminine beauty is flourishing. She is a great temptation, her sexuality is effervescent, she is little experienced and anxious about exploring sex. Teen escorts are an exquisite bite. But, how do teen university escorts think? We have talked to some of them who have told us how is it to live a double-life as students and teen escorts.

Teen escorts: a fantasy come true

Are teen university escorts sluts who are studying? No, they are teen girls who see paid-sex world as a good way to pay their studies, the renting of an apartment, trips and all their treats without having to work for a whole working day.

We have talked to some of the teen escorts who meet their clients at Perla Negra Barcelona’s bar about their life. What’s special in them to get man go crazy for them? They laugh while they state the obvious: they are pretty and hot, in addition they don’t consider themselves to be sluts, but girls trying to earn an extra money for a while. A long-legged ginger who has a captivating cat-like look said “they daydream about seducing a girl younger than them. They feel alive again, they are caught up in our energy, we are funny and easily impressible. For instance, dinning at a good restaurant is cool experience to me, while luxury escorts have had enough of expensive restaurants.”

It is interesting what she told us about “feeling alive again and catching up in their energy.” We have given a lot of good reasons to meet a prostitute, but we never thought about this one. Teen escorts’ beauty is as ephemeral as youthness. Do their energy decrease as they finish their studies?

Temp job

Another teen university escort who is blonde, pretty and has a stunning body told us that this is a temp job. “I wanted to study in Barcelona and my family couldn’t afford to pay the university taxes and my life here because it is too expensive, but I didn’t give up on my dream, so then I thought about the possibility to advertise on the Internet as a teen university escort. I got my first dates soon, I don’t meet many clients, I have enough with a few of them who help me pay what I need and more.”

Clients can easily lose control of the situation and get addicted to teen escorts. They have confessed us that there are many different kinds of clients. There are clients who stay only the needed time for sex, like half an hour or an hour of bareback blowjob and vaginal sex; and there are clients who get hypnotized by teen escorts’ freshness and innocence.

One of the girls we have talked to, who is brunette and has captivating green eyes, has told us that she likes to have sex with men chosen by her. “I didn’t feel attracted by sleeping with many men, I think I don’t need much money, my colleagues earn much more than me, but I only need a couple of dates a week to be able to pay my studies. I’d rather date regular clients than casual clients. I enjoy more, I get along well with them and have fun. Sometimes, I accept casual dates of clients who offer me a juicy amount of money, but I usually date only a few men, I’m not available for everybody who wants to fuck me.”

Pretending your life isn't luxurious

Teen university escorts have higher standards of living than their classmates, it must be difficult to hide their expensive smartphones, luxurious apartments, Parisian designer sunglasses and experiences they speak about, because teen escorts travel more and live more experiences. The less talkative teen university escort, who is brunette, has hazel eyes and perfect lips, told us that she has to be really careful with her classmates. “Clearly, teen university escorts have more to say than our classmates. For instance, if we talk about expensive restaurants, I’m the only one who apports suggestions about where to go; if we talk about luxurious holidays which include manicure and breakfast service in your room, they don’t know what to say while I know everything about the subject.”

Innocent and inexperienced?

They say teen escorts are also sluts, although inexperienced ones. However, little time after it, they have already met many clients and they are discovered by talent-spotters. They gain experience in little time, but being innocent and inexperienced is part of their image and fantasy.

To end, the cat-like ginger confessed “my first clients know much more than me about sex, but I got ahead them soon. They still think they are dating a teen girl who knows less than them, but teen university escorts learn really fast. I’ve learned all the needed to fuck a man, I want to make them lay on my bed and show them I’m not a beginner. On the contrary, I’m going to teach them a lesson.”

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