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The e-payment is a good replacement for the usual cash-in-hand method for escorts in Barcelona
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The e-payment system shakes up the prostitution business

Thursday 31 July 2014
Increasingly, more and more luxury escorts in Barcelona choose the e-payment system instead of the old cash payment system, because it is an easier faster confidential deal for both the client and the escort, after they played the lusty game. The world is driven towards a paperless payment system, still these non legal yet businesses use cash in hand as the only option, now also in decline.

Cash in hand

high class escorts working in Barcelona, either Colombian escorts, Egyptian escorts, Asian escorts or Russian escorts, as well as uni girls escorts, independent escorts or Escort Agency girls, have been using the old traditional cash payment system; however in Europe and the USA, Paypal, Venmo and Bitcoin e-payment systems have been replacing the old cash in hand system. As well as the escorts advert themselves on the Internet websites instead of hanging around in the open, many call girls would maybe rather getting paid online, preventing themselves from money and services demanded embarrassing arguments with the clients before of after the wild sexual encounter.

The prostitution revolution on the Internet

The so-called oldest profession in the world has been shaken up by the new technologies like everything else, yet in the prostitution business it has been an outright change. Whores and escorts in the Western world have been advertising themselves online through Facebook, Craiglist or Backpage to offer their services, retiring from the streets for good.

I. e. in New York, it is a common procedure to book an online appointment with a 
senior escort using an e-payment system. However, not all the Internet systems are updated and designed for an online business setting for the escorts. In 2001 Paypal was launched, and its first users were sex workers, however eBay had to close loads of accounts suspicious of offering sexual services when clicking the Pay Now screen key word.

According to SWOP Chicago, an organization helping the sex workers to improve their lives and rights in the Second City, Paypal is not a good payment system for the sex for money business transactions, because if Paypal is aware of the account activity they will close it down and they will not get the money back to its owner. The Chicago organization recommends the use of MasterCard and Visa e-payment systems, since the online accounts can be closed when the companies find out these are sex for money business profit accounts.

Clients and e-payment

Even though escorts and clients find the e-payment system an easier deal for the transaction, and apparently it keeps their privacy, the truth is that Paypal and Pay Now key word are not a safe option because the payer can be perfectly traced.

We have asked some clients their opinion about the subject and they have admitted they had hardly met an escort who accepted e-payments with Paypal or Bitcoin systems, nor themselves were very keen on paying with their cards, because they did not want Visa or MasterCard to learn about their private sexual lives. This type of clients prefer to hand money in cash underlying, they would whatever make e-payments with Bitcoin because this system is encrypted, and therefore semi-confidential. Besides, the money-handing after the service makes them feel uncomfortable, they confess.

What is going on with the payment systems in the world most famous prostitution areas? For example, the Amsterdam Red Light District whores still use the old cash payment system for their services reward. Over there, the services fees are from 50€, a big difference with the 150€ up USA fees.

Although the Amsterdam Red Light District is a cash payment system area, the escorts and whores could be working also with the online e-payment system Amsterdam Bitcoin Boulevard, a Bitcoin payment system business street.

Pros of Bitcoin use

Even though in the beginning it was a hard to understand its purpose and procedures by the clients' system, it has certainly multiple benefits, like the transaction low cost, the promotions and the international payment conveniences. Therefore, it might be a matter of time the Amsterdam Bitcoin Boulevard will rule the Amsterdam Red Light District.

The post-payment traces

In London, while the brothels are illegal businesses, the Escorts Agencies and the sex for money businesses are legal. This legality might have been the trigger change from the old cash payment system to the Bitcoin and Litecoin e-payment systems use. Last year, one of the largest Escorts Agency with the Bitcoin payment system use was opened; it is a very simple formula, after booking an appointment with the luxury escort, the clients pay via Bitcoin system, quickly, cheap and confidential. Once the payment has been checked by the Agency, the booking is confirmed and the client does not have to feel stressed and uncomfortable after the service, snipping off his lust and sadly reminding him this is only a business transaction. The Agency website's terms and conditions say for instance, one hour is 1,711 BTC, the Bitcoin currency being at 1.030$.

For many escorts, the e-payment system makes their transactions easier, faster and more confidential. However, e-payment systems like Paypal, Square or any credit-debit card transactions leave a tracing line after being completed. No matter if it is legal or illegal, prostitution is not a business girlfriends, wives or boyfriends want to learn from their partners' card statements, thus the old cash payments will be always a win option for everybody.
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