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Three is never a crowd
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Three is never a crowd

Thursday 06 October 2016

Do you fancy going hooking, but you’d rather see your couple acting as a slut? Are you fed up with crazy nights, friends and sexual parties with too many cocks? Do you daydream about doing a trio with two hotties, but you don’t know how to say it to your couple without seeming a sex-addict? We have the best suggestion to spend a perfect evening. Services for couples are much more than a sex therapy in a select group.

Wet nights

We don’t need a confirmation stating that the hottest experience to you is doing a threesome with two sluts in Barcelona. The more sluty and skilled-fuckers they are, the better.

Many regular clients of Perla Negra have already tasted this tremendous pleasure. How can this be possible? By spending some hours with two stunning sluts in Barcelona. Here, we are offering more than one option. On the one hand trio, and on the other hand duo. For all those who want to go beyond, we are also offering services for couples. This post is about sex general culture and its possibilities.

Ménage a trois

According to our French friends, this means a fuck among three elements. Some may think it consists of a man and two women, but truth is everything is possible. Three men, three women, three transexuals, or three tigers.

At Perla Negra, there are sluts in Barcelona specialized in more entertaining fucks than the usual vanilla sex, those which are shown in commercial American movies.

According to the sluts in Barcelona who collaborate with Perla Negra, there are many men who would love to spend a night accompanied by two gorgeous escorts. Sometimes, two friends want a wild experience and book a date with an escort for both of them.


Other clients feel like being in the spotlight by spending some hours with two sluts in Barcelona who don’t want to touch between them. These clients want to have it all. The name for this is duo.

In duo, sluts in Barcelona focus on satisfying the client and aren’t interested in DATY. Everything spins around the man, who fully enjoys the experience without distractions.

We have asked some escorts which one of both options is more requested and they have answered that trio, or threesome, is remarkably more requested. Two sluts and a man in Barcelona are really seductive words.

“We see all kinds of things here. When we take part in a sex party, clients love to enjoy sex with two sluts in Barcelona at the same time. Although performing a trio consisting in two men and an only escort also makes them feel very excited.”

If you already know these practices, or are naughty enough to think you have to share this experience with your girlfriend, you can suggest her going punting and getting a service for couples.

Heaven on Earth

Services for couples are believed to strengthen trust between a couple. It isn’t the same being cheated than allowing that experience and taking part in it.

Why would a man take his wife punting? We have asked this question to some of the people who request services for couples to solve this mystery. “Well, my wife gets me so turned on and I’m not able to reach orgasm without her, but we have been married for almost thirty years now and we needed a boost in our sex life. I suggested it to her and she accepted. We called one of the sluts in Barcelona who offer services for couples and both of us liked her. I felt really horny when I saw my wife fucking the escort. I didn’t touch her, but I was very excited when they finished and enjoyed sex with my wife like we used to do in the old times.”

Fetishism: voyeurs and exhibicionists

Human sexuality is the most complex in Nature. It is more complex for some of us. Being in a luxurious suite with our partner and one of the most gorgeous and hottest sluts in Barcelona definitely invites us to think about fetishes and the dirtiest fantasies. Human psychology is never simple.

A voyeur is a man who needs watching a woman in her intimate moments to get horny. In services for couples, voyeurs can give free rein to their pleasure and enjoying themselves by watching how their partners get laid with an escort.

As we were saying, human mind is never simple. If there are men who enjoy invading their wife’s intimacy, it’s because those women enjoy being watched.

We have asked escorts about it and they have said to us that “men usually enjoy watching their wife fucking an escort because both of them are women having intimate moments and they are the only ones watching the show; but it is clear that her wife enjoys being watched by him. They are complementary couples who can’t coexist without both partners. One of them wants to watch and the other one wants to be watched.”

A service for couples is different from all the other services. Firstly, because it involves some couples can ignite the spark of love again. Secondly, because three is never a crowd in a luxurious suite. And thirdly, because life is short and we have to enjoy what it offers.

It is obvious that services for couples are a unique experience which will surely mark a milestone in our sex life. 

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