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A top girl? A high-class girl
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A top girl? A high-class girl

Monday 14 November 2016

Christmas is coming, just saying. This is a period about treats, cravings, excesses, excessive expenses, and also about getting lost in all the pleasures of flesh.

We are near the end of this year, so if it hasn’t been pleasing for us, this is the right time to change it. Luxury escorts, expensive champagne, sophisticated dinners and a shiny touch of golden glitter fill our days during those days. We want to celebrate, so what better way to celebrate than taking a step forward with escorts. We have sluts for the rest of the year, now it’s time for luxury prostitutes.

If we have upgraded from Seat to Mercedes-Benz, why should we sleep with sluts, when we have the option to get luxury escorts? Our thirst for a legendary fuck can be treacherous. We all could go with the flow of any advertisement on the Internet. Stunning girls in the pictures, but actually Shrek’s girlfriends are abundant and we have to be aware not to fall into their clutches.

Videos, reviews of other clients on forums and the experiences of our punter friends are good ways to find out if the escort we’d like to meet is a true luxury escort.

On Perla Negra’s website, you will be able to see the escorts in pictures and also videos. Those show their actual curves and shape; their beautiful faces and their sensuality without tricks.

Once we have gone through the seek of a luxury escort we want to meet, we can take a look to their services. It may happen that we find a perfect slut, but we’d like to perform deep anal sex and she doesn’t offer it on her list of services.

Our world collapses. We thought we could fuck that hottie in the ass, but she won’t let you do it. What can we do to face that situation? If you are able to talk to her on the phone, then you’d better call her and offer her a juicy sum of money for having an anal sex session, which she had previously rejected.

Many high class call girls show a basic set of services, but they actually perform many more than what they say. Every client is different and escorts are more than used to satisfy thousands of desires.

High-class call girls: high-class sex?

Call girls and escorts have a long list of sexual experiences, way more varied than the rest of plain mortals. High-class call girls are especially good looking, even famous people sometimes, usually learned in studies and languages. They are very hot girls every man would be happy to date.

There are high-class call girls who are specialized in orgies and yachts, mansions and even private jets. They also satisfy clients on their own. Anyway, they have impressive sexual careers and are more than ready to bless you with an unforgettable sex night. As if you were in a porn movie… a high-class porn movie, indeed.

We have talked to one of them about her clients’ likings: “The more money they have, the more sex they have had. They are tired of everything and they want to be amazed. They don’t resign to a basic blowjob and vaginal sex, they want fantasies, orgies. To them, good conversation and education. They want to chat and play seduction games. Luxury escorts manipulate the hidden desires of renowned men.”

High-class: is it only another tactic?

We are sick of hearing something or someone is high-class, and then result to be a low end. Regarding high-class call girls, clients don’t want to get dissapointed.

We enjoy sex to the fullest when our sex partner turns us on. Everything else is a poor version of our dreams.

You may be wondering about what are the actual differences between an escort and a luxury escort. Nobody better than the regular clients of Perla Negra to explain the key differences.

We have asked one of the regular clients of Perla Negra about what differences he finds between ones and the others. “It is clear to me. When you meet a high-class escort, you know you are meeting a real professional. She will perform a perfect service. I am satisfied with every situation I have had while dating high-class escorts. They are a mixture of femininity and elegance; very skilled in bed affairs. They are stunning girls with impressive bodies, you would never tell they are high-class prostitutes. They don’t seem it at all. To me, that is a very important difference. I don’t like people notice I’m with an escort, that is something of my own.”

Another client of Perla Negra has told us his vision about high-class escorts. “There are escorts who don’t add the “high-class” adjective, but they are. I have dated many girls and, in my experience, when you get to know them, you get on well and have feeling, dates are high-class and much more. High-class call girls are very professional, that’s true, very good looking and really sluty in bed, but you don’t know if you will connect with them. To me, when you connect with the girl, your date will be high-class. But, you never know what will happen until you meet her and talk for a while.”

So, that are the opinions, which are almost opposed, of the clients of Perla Negra. Dating high-class call girls can result successful, but the truth is that they are the most exotic beauties, the hottest girls and the best poised to have sex, too; top girls are high-class girls.  

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