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Uni girl escort, apparently naive; senior escort, pure magic!

Monday 20 October 2014

Apparently two opposite terms, however they mean the same, human warmth. Uni girls escorts, usually young ladies, offer sexual attention services to those clients who wish to experience the fantasy of seducing a student girl, something like having a forbidden relationship with a sexually amateur dolly. On the other side, senior escorts, are the perfect option for those clients who are looking for something else beyond sex, maybe a companion or a friend to talk to.

Facing-off experiences?

For some guys, the experience with a uni girl escort or a senior escort have nothing in common, but for some others, this means the essential meeting point, the connexion with a human being in both cases. We could think of a physical difference in one lady and the other's body conditions, however, sometimes a senior escort preserves a stunning body, even more likeable than the younger ones.

Youth beauty is unbeatable, but also are experience and maturity.

Uni girls escorts, very young apparently naïve chicks

Uni girls escorts advertise themselves as mentioned because they spend most of their time studying, and, in order to pay for their degrees, during their spare time they work as very young escorts, accompanying their clients or receiving them in a room so they can give off their best intimate services.

In Canada, it has been launched a website where the escorts' services are offered exclusively to a single client, the so-called sugarbabes and sugardaddies business. The uni girls escorts publish on the site the amount they are charging for an exclusive relationship with a client, usually is the annual fee for their studies degree.

It is a beneficial relationship for both sides. On one side, the students can pay for their degrees and they do not need to work hard in summer jobs; and on the other side, the clients feel “forever young”, a great fantasy come true, indeed.

We have spoken with a uni girl escort who sometimes turns up at Perla Negra BCN, since she usually is a call girl to hotels or her own place; “I have only a few clients, so they are very exclusive. Most of my time is dedicated to my studies, therefore when we go out it is a very special occasion, and we have great fun, they take me to very expensive places where I could never meet my classmates, they buy me presents, and even take me to Italy. The truth is I cannot have any boyfriends, but I am really focused on my studies and to get the money to pay for them. I still have plenty of time, I am a very young escort ”.

We asked her the reason why her clients call her instead of a senior escort, she says “they are looking for youth, I think they want to feel young again, as if they were able to seduce student girls, I don't know; also because of my body, I think they get horny with my naiveness, but sometimes, they are the naïve ones!”.

Senior escorts, pure magic!

Senior escorts are ladies who work as prostitutes , they exchange their body services for money, sometimes their company and warmth as well. Senior escorts are thought as thirty-something and beyond ladies. It is truly an injustice these ladies are called senior when they are physically and mentally working perfectly, and they possess a seductive halo and know how the uni girls escorts lack.

If we had to choose, we would definitely go for a senior escort companionship services; why? Simply because she is a real woman, a self made lady from top to toe, not only a demo.

These are prostitutes who are called many times by their clients for something else than sex. Sex, according to Psychology Today magazine, is a way of connection between human beings, a way of knowing we are alive and enrolled in our society life. Sex is not only a reproductive action, because people who are having sex right now, they are generally not looking for a baby.

We have spoken with a super attractive senior escort, who is having a drink at Perla Negra BCN every weekend's evening, and we have asked her about the advantages of having a booking date with her: “a senior escort does not mean a decadent lady, on the contrary, it means a lady on fire, in the best time of her life, when she is thirty, when she starts to think properly and understands better things in life, and when enjoys sex better than ever before. I understand some clients get mad with the uni girl escort youth, I had the same experience, but a young girl will never fulfil you like a proper woman would”.

We asked her about those things that make a booking date with a senior escort a more complete experience that a uni girl escort's one: “I have many clients who call me only for a conversation, most of them want sex and something else, like the intimate relationship with someone, to be able to speak with someone. Do you know something they ask me for a lot? Hugs. Some clients come to see me to simply be in silence in my arms, getting all my affection and forgetting about their lives outside the bedroom, there is a lot of loneliness in spite of all the technology connectivity”.

She is right. We have already mentioned in our blog the GFE, the girlfriend experience, every day an on demand rising service; it is focused in putting aside the sex for money economic transaction for something else beyond, something like 'pretend to be my girlfriend, kiss me, hug me, have dinner with me and let's make love' -paying beforehand by bank account transfer.

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