The holidays are approaching, that desired moment of the year to enjoy and relax, to return with new energy to your monotonous job and its routine.

But you cannot always travel, go sightseeing, or simply enjoy holidays with your partner, friends and / or family. Sometimes, it is just no possible. That's why there are also options for those singles that do not have any kind of company. That’s why going on vacation to any destination, planning every day and every moment is ideal to spend your free time.

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However, enjoy sex both with your couple and with escorts if you are single (or not) will be better if you take notes of the next sexual postures.

Summer sexual postures

As has been well said, a single person is not the same as a married one, and that is why custom and likes in sexual postures and practices are not the same between them.

Anal Sex

This is perhaps the most taboo has, but in turn the one that gives more pleasure to men thanks to the G-spot of the year. A very popular service is pegging, where to innovate and give you from behind is becoming more popular, and above all, pleasant.

The puppy's

That is one of the most popular postures in couple because provides a great freedom to stimulate other areas while penetrating the escort.


This is based on dominance, in which the boy is caught between the legs of the girl, and he can fondle and stimulate the nipples, while she gallops and makes both reach orgasm.

Between masturbation and blowjob

Knowing how to fuck with penetration is as important as providing a good oral sex. That is why singles, more than married people (although they also love it), are always dreaming with have their penis sucked and licked by an escort, and if it is combined with a good masturbation much more than better.