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We interview SOFÍA, a 24-year-old Venezuelan escort

We interview SOFÍA, a 24-year-old Venezuelan escort

Friday 12 July 2013

Today we interview Sofía, a stunning 24-year-old escort who was born in Venezuela, and who has been collaborating with us for quite a while now. Cheerful, athletic, and extrovert; she is a gorgeous lady who is going to surprise us with her answers…

What do you like doing in Barcelona?

I like walking around its streets, especially Gotic District. It’s always full of people, so I get entertained although I walk alone.

Tell us the secret of your beauty.

I always try to eat well. I’m not on diet, I simply eat healthily, and do exercise; I go biking or running around Montjuic, for instance.

What is your daily routine like?

What is your favorite moment of the day, when you get relaxed and forget about the world?

My favorite moment is the beginning of the day. I get up at 8 o’clock and have breakfast calmly while I arrange my dates, my pace of work, etc.

What do you like the most about your job?

That you never get bored (she laughs). I must confess that I love men; meeting and dating them is a pleasure for me. There are really nice clients with whom a girl enjoys very much herself. Every day is different, and I always have fun.

Everyone remembers a wonderful sexual experience they have had. Could you tell us yours?

I have a lot of them in mind (she laughs). I would maybe choose that one when he and I didn’t get to talk. I got up really horny that day, and I had a date in the morning, before go running. We met directly at one of the best rooms of Perla Negra and I liked him at first sight. I got crazy. We didn’t say anything; we almost didn’t have enough time to undress ourselves. It was fast and passionate. It was just what I needed.

Describe us your sexiest lingerie you save for special occasions.

I like black color and laces; also g-strings, and bras which lift my breasts. Actually, lingerie is very important. There are clients who value it very much.

What is your favorite sexual practice to do to a man?

Oral sex is what turns me on most. I can spend a long while enjoying this practice, just as much as him, or even more. It’s one of my most requested services; I could say that my clients usually repeat (she laughs).

What is your favorite sexual practice to be given?

I love anal sex, because it is a practice with which I lose contact with the real world; there are men who do it very well, and they luckily know how to keep pace with it, because it is a very sensitive part of the body.

What is your idea of a perfect date?

A perfect date; let me think for a moment. The man must be handsome and economically powerful. I like being taken to expensive places, those who help you falling in love. I like gifts, of course, and he being a polite man. Obviously, my goal is to seduce him, but in a perfect situation the roles switch and he becomes the one seducing me. This is very difficult to happen, but when it does, I get very aroused.

What is the profile of client that you like the most?

I like mature, powerful, and friendly clients; men who treat me strongly, but also passionately.  That mixture between strength and passion is amazing if they do it right.

What is sex for you?

It is a physical and psychological need. It’s also a lifestyle, a job. Sex can be many things depending on how is perceived.

Have you ever mixed feelings and work?

No, I have never fallen in love at work, but I’ve made friends. There are clients who repeat over and over, and who are very friendly. They like enjoying a dinner, or a drink in my company. Then, we always end up coming to Perla Negra BCN, and giving free rein to our instincts. Yes, I can say I made good friends here, many of them have helped me out in my life, and we even exchange advices.

Thank you very much, Sofía. I think all of our friends know you better now… We hope that they want to know you even better. 

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