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PerlaNegraBCN interviews Luz, a busty Latin escort

PerlaNegraBCN interviews Luz, a busty Latin escort

Wednesday 28 August 2013

PerlaNegraBCN interviews Luz, a busty Latin escort who will amaze you. Her over 110 cm breasts are just the reflection of an explosive woman like Luz. Latin, 24 years old, friendly, traveler, hot; you are about to find a very special girl…

Do you consider yourself to be a lucky person because you like the job you do?

Yes, totally. This is a job where there isn’t time to get bored. Usually, clients are friendly men who are prone to spend a big amount of money and have a great time. They are here to have fun and so am I too. We go out for a drink at an exclusive pub, and then we come over to Perla Negra BCN to end the date in style (she laughs). Is it possible not to love my job?

Where in Spain do your favorite men come from?

I like Spanish men in general. But, I would probably prefer Northern men over any other because of their accent and way of talking; they are a little bit tougher than men from Southern Spain. Usually, they are taller and stronger because they come from a cold land. I must admit they make me be very horny.

Describe us a date with a typical Northern man.

I specially remember one who lived in the mountains and had come to Barcelona years ago to make money. He wanted to have fun and he took me to a renowned restaurant, we drank a bottle of wine, and we talked a lot. The truth is that our roles switched, and suddenly, I was the one being seduced by him.

He was a mature man with grey hair, but tall and strong. He was between 45 and 50 years old. He started from the bottom-up; he is a self-made man. We arrived to Perla Negra BCN, drank a bottle of champagne, and he asked me to striptease with a song he liked. He was lying on the bed looking at me, he got up, and we got into the shower. He soaped my breasts; I gave him an erotic massage.

Suddenly, he was putting it in my ass as I like it; it seemed as if somebody had told him the right way to do it. He was so fast putting the condom on that I didn’t realize when he did it. We spent a while fucking in the shower, I loved that man. Then, we lay down on the bed for a while; he recovered himself and left. I got very satisfied with that date. In addition, he was so generous in all senses.

How was your first date?

I had just arrived in Barcelona and I was looking for a well-paid job. I found out the sites of Perla Negra BCN and La Vie en Rose while surfing the Internet, and I said to myself “I want to work in a place like those”. I thought they were well regarded clubs, which is very important for health security. A few days later I had my first client.

He was a foreigner, from England, and he didn’t speak Spanish at all. Actually, it didn’t matter because he didn’t want to go out for a dinner, or a drink; he wanted simply a service. I had worked in this industry before, so I wasn’t surprised when he asked me to knee and do oral sex on him.

I gave him a bareback blowjob, which is one of my starred services. After that, he asked me to lie down on the couch with legs wide apart. He penetrated my vagina, reached climax, and we said goodbye to each other. I haven’t seen him again. I think he was a tourist that ran away from his family holidays for an hour (she laughs).

Is working in this industry what you always wanted?

Well, a girl doesn’t born thinking “I want to be a prostitute”; I would say it’s never like that. However, if you like sex, working little, and earning much, becoming a prostitute is a good idea. Of course, you can’t be scrupulous or religious, and it’s better going to a new city, or even a new country, where nobody knows you.

Prostitutes were visible in the neighborhood where I lived before. It wasn’t strange; it was very common to get extra money by working as a prostitute. I grew up seeing them on the streets. There were sometimes when I saw one of them with a swollen eye, that’s the difference between working illegally, or at good places such as Perla Negra BCN or La Vie en Rose.

It is very important to work at a licensed club which obeys the health-care standards, where girls are safe. Anyway, I have never heard there’s been any problem with clients in clubs. Everything is clear here. Clients come for sex and as long as they behave, there’s no problem.

How long are you planning to do this job for?

For some years more. Now that I’m young, is the right time to work; I expect having saved enough money in six or seven years to come back to my country and start a business like a hair salon, or a beauty salon, for instance. I have come here to make money in a way that seems correct and fun to me; I work as a prostitute in exchange for money, that’s all.

When I have enough money to start a business, I will leave. Nobody there will know anything, that’s why I said it was important to change of country if a girl wants to work in this industry. Otherwise, people can point at you and make things be very difficult for you.

Do you think about marriage once you finish working in sex industry?

Yes, why not? If the perfect man appears (she laughs). No, I don’t need him to be perfect, I need someone who truly loves and respects me. I think that’s what every women want, somebody who protects and loves us, that’s all. There isn’t a big secret.

Would you tell him you have worked as a prostitute?

The truth is that I don’t know. I’d like to be able to say it openly; I think it shouldn’t be a problem. 

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