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We're on Google Plus - Blog PerlaNegraBCN

Monday 22 April 2013
 This week from the blog La Perla Negra I want to invite you to go through the Google plus our premises. We know that many of you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, but we also should follow us on Google Plus.
We give you several good reasons for them:
The first is that as Google plus works with circles of friends, nobody have to know who follow us, and you can share with us any publication without anyone to know;)
The second is that we have an exclusive photo gallery, pictures you have not seen before in any of our other social networks, what you hear!
And the third is that we are, and therefore you know what to expect. Quality, service, customer service. Always give 200% at all, so you can enjoy the best service in all of Barcelona!
Remember that girls who use our facilities and posted on the web are escorts or chaperones, not whores. That is why we deserve to be treated with love and respect. We read next week!
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