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We started in February - Blog  PerlaNegraBCN

We started in February - Blog PerlaNegraBCN

Thursday 07 February 2013
 This first week of February we have had many developments in the Black Pearl, and among them is Brandy. This Mexican than 25 years has become a day to the next in the most desired escort and most requested of all local!
To say about her that you can not see on your tab ... Well that photos do not do justice, is to see it in person and all men who pass through our facilities fall at his feet.
It's a hot-blooded woman, besides being beautiful is lovely, so all customers who have been with her repeated.
We know how much you like our facilities, as they are the best in Barcelona. And we want to use to remind you that all rooms have coffee with capsules "that mark", and you can take a leisurely drink first too. Since the demand for any room in particular has risen much, if you book which has a hot tub or especially, remember to ask in advance.
Same with the girls, it is always best to assure you that if you are going to come to the site and want to see a particular, prove that is within your schedule and is not doing any home service.
A kiss, and until next week!
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