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What’s the Girlfriend Experience Service?
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What’s the Girlfriend Experience Service?

Thursday 28 December 2017

The GFE service refers to a girlfriend experience. In this date, the escort behaves with her client as any girl would do with her boyfriend. What does it mean specifically in terms of treatment and sex? If you haven’t had a girlfriend for a while, just have a look when you sit next to a couple at the cinema or if you pass them by while they walk. There is something special between those people others envy. The connection, trust and affection are not the same between a couple than an escort and her client. That’s why the GFE exists, so nobody is unsatisfied.

A real date

In general, dates with escorts focus on sex. The bed and everything around it comes first when a man is looking for the services of an escort. Once we have met many and we’re covered in terms of sex, the emotional side is a bit abandoned. It’s there where one of the most demanded services to escort ladies in Barcelona comes in.

More than sex

In reality, for the escort to pretend to be a girlfriend is nothing more than a simulation between her and her client, a role game in which each represents their role. However, it’s not a reason to stop trying. Would you like your date to include a small discussion followed by a hot reconciliation? Everything can be part of your fantasy, just talk about it with her and see what she proposes.

GFE: A complete story

Some clients have enough with one date to live the experience of a girlfriend but others look for more. For them, those who’re not satisfied with the usual, can establish a complete story. That’s when your creativity comes in.

Are you one of those who want a passionate romance or an unexpected encounter in a park? You won’t be the first to propose an escort a GFE with various chapters. In some countries, like Japan, it’s a well established service. Men are not only looking for a sexual encounter, or a one night roles game, they want a lot more.

Sexual practices in the GFE

As well as experimenting what it means to have a partner in terms of caresses and attention, the fans of this service know that sex can also be different. Some escorts show their most loving side in this service. They recreate themselves with French kisses, tact and oral sex without a condom. Although it may seem that the rules of the escort’s behavior are established, this is not the case. If you want oral sex without a condom or risky practices, the best is for you to ask your possible escort her thoughts on this, if she’s ready to do it and for how much money. For the GFE to be as natural as possible, better to tie up all the knots.

Men talk

Chatting to some clients at Perla Negra BCN who have tried the GFE we find out that its demand is increasing. “To meet, have sex and say goodbye can always be summed up in an hour or so. I like something more personal every now and then”. The fact that it’s a roles game, don’t deter those who try the escort as a girlfriend. “Meeting an escort is always a role representation. I, for example, don’t say my name or talk about anything from my real life. I like to prolong the date and not to have everything so fast that it ends in half an hour, I want to enjoy with her longer. We all need that human contact. If you don’t have the time to have a relationship, at least you have the escorts to give you that companionship. I’ve met girls who have behaved better with me than some partners did. It’s one more option to try”.

What makes it so special?

Do we see another side of the escort when she shows us her most affectionate and intimate side? The protagonists answer about this: “I’ve received at my apartment more than one man who only wanted to lie on the sofa with me, under a blanket and watching a movie while we chat and laugh. People are wrong in relation to the services of escorts. They often include affection and conversation, as well as, a friendship or as a couple and not so much sex itself”.

Could it come true?

No. The GFE is an escort’s service and almost one hundred per cent of the time, it never turns into a real story. Don’t confuse her professionalism and generosity with true love. You don’t need to be too clever but, the hope of a stunning woman falling in love with us could make us get it wrong.

If you’re clear about this, you’ll be able to enjoy the GFE fully and without pestering the main actress. The more you give her space and less uncomfortable moments having to say she’s not in love, the better everything will go.

Who tends to ask for a GFE service?

The emotional part is probably the most self evident in this service. The affection, caresses and raw emotions characteristic of a couple in love is what’s offered with this service. Sex is also important as it could be practiced in a more natural and improvised way. If you need an escort to accompany you to a social event and to behave as the perfect girlfriend, you can ask her and leave everyone present flabbergasted.

Summing up, the GFE is for those who want to have a good time in bed but also before and after. The warmth of a person cannot be compared with the lack of it, therefore, the GFE could be your perfect experience for those parties. Sex, love and the best companionship to wave this year goodbye. We could offer you a more attractive plan!

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