Surely you've ever heard the word “lumi” and you've wondered where it comes from and what it means. Lumi is a diminutive of "lumia", of unknown origin, which in turn is a synonym of prostitute.

Whores, escorts, lumis and a long list to mention and call the prostitutes.

In this article, we will give emphasis to the types of prostitutes, as well as to clients who hire their services.

We will start at the beginning, and we will talk about all of them.


As it is well said, prostitution is one of the oldest professions in the world. They have always been used as currency (speaking in the Middle Ages), but nowadays it is no longer the case.

Sexual pleasure is what is sought in them, and the practice of different types of praxis is what determines the choice of one escort or another, or not. Big boobs, a good ass, skinny, chubby, colored or white are some of the features in which your customers notice them. But ... how can we distinguish the escorts?

Street prostitutes

These are the traditional lumis we find on the street, dressed in provocative clothes and bright colors at more affordable prices than a luxury escort, and which is in public places.

They tend to be more passive than active at the moment of finding clients, because they are the ones who take the initiative for negotiation, and therefore the sexual relationship. Whatever the place.

Luxury escort

Dating houses adapted to any type of requirement and need, both for clients and for luxury escorts. In these spaces are girls of all kinds of nationalities, physiques, attitudes, and above all, tastes to enjoy a quality sex, with a minimum to ensure that the client will leave satisfied the place where he has been with the lumi .

These girls are characterized by a simpler and more elegant clothes, with jewelry and a certain style when dressing. Their physique is the one that conquers her users to be able to give them the best and the best sex in the city.

The independents

These girls are a hybrid between the first (street) and the second (luxury Escorts). This type of girls act and work independently and are not governed by the influence of any dating house, agency or entity that manages them.

They usually have sex in their own homes and are experts in the market in which they move. They know that they have to give a quality, and above all, trust that the other types of prostitutes do not offer.


And this is the male version. Do women or LGBT people can not enjoy a good dust without committing? Yes, Gigolo is a sexual figure that is usually treated little and talk little about it, but is no less important in prostitution, he is the other side of the mirror to which we are accustomed.

More like the luxury escorts, are men who love taking care of themselves and also take care of each of the moments they spend with their clients, because apart from a sexual service, it is also offering added value.