When we speak of fetishes, we talk about a sexual paraphilia that is capable of giving the excessive excitement in a part of the body, using or not an object for the enjoyment.

There are many fetishes, but ... Who does not have sexual fantasies from time to time? At least, we are sure that you feel you feel identified with the desire of fuck with the sexiest girl in the neighborhood when she gets wet from the pool.

Do not lie, because surely there has been a woman with big tits and scandal butt covered with water and totally wet who has excited you in some movie o real situation.

When we talk about this, we say that it is called aquaphilia, or also as hydrophilicity. Well, this is a fetishism that involves two or more people in an erotic situation, with certain suggestive and sexual movements under water.

Not everyone likes to practice underwater sex and not all men have an erection with a wet woman, but there is an important percentage of people, more than you think, who practice it for their sexual excitement.

Differences between words

There are some luxury escorts services and other types of paraphilias that you cannot practice unless you are in the shower or under the water.

Although you think that you can integrate all of them under the word of hydrophilicity as a synonym of aquaphilia, the truth is that there are some small differences between both words.

The first one is related to the fetish and the excitement around the images of people and you go swimming and posing underwater, while the second one is also included with the activity of sex underwater.

Enjoy sex under water

There are many things you can do under water, but what makes having sex under water so rewarding and stimulating?

Surely you are now remembering that amazing sex that you had once on a beautiful beach with the sand caressing your body.

Another amazing idea is go to a span, or in a Jacuzzi, and have such a good sex that makes you drive crazy among the balloons, candles and relaxing aromas… and have a great orgasm.

And how can we forget the erotic showers with the escorts that collaborate in hotels services like Perla Negra BCN.