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Whores in Barcelona: falling in love with them
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Whores in Barcelona: falling in love with them

Thursday 21 January 2016

Whores and escorts in Barcelona offer sex in exchange for money; an apparently easy transaction: bank notes and a body which will do whatever the client desires for a determined time. Sometimes, we can find love in those sexual encounters that were meant to be easy and controlled. Today on our beloved blog, we will talk about falling in love with a whore, its pros and cons, stereotypes, difficulties and bravery.

Some men would never fall in love with a mature escortRussian escort, or a teen university escort; others, on the contrary, are so loving and strong that they don’t mind their favorite escort has sex with ten men per day and can differentiate work and love. Long live the love! But, we shouldn’t forget that falling in love with a black whore in Barcelona or with a luxury escort can be a complicated relationship.

Are you jealous? Forget about seducing an escort or a whore because capricious Cupid could be as gentle as to throw arrows to the wrong people. Loving a whore is full of stigmas, only a brave self-confident man will dare to have a relationship with an escort.

We all deserve love, carings and attentions; it is obvious that whores and escorts in Barcelona also deserve it, as they are not aliens.

Loving someone who shares her body with others

Do you imagine loving a girl who shares her body with other men? There are many stories about love between whores and their clients; the sweet Pretty Woman and the hard Leaving Las Vegas are two examples. The first movie isn’t realistic at all and the second one may be too realistic, but, although you are brave and self-confident, who would be able to overlook the little fact that before cuddling you she has had sex with several men?

Clarifying things

Owning the person of our dreams is so important for our society. So, the first thing that a man  in love should be clear about is that the body of his beloved doesn’t belong to him; however, her heart does. That luxury whore is in love, sighs for him and wants to be with him.

Accepting that the person of your dreams is a whore is a good way to start a relationship; she probably won’t quit her job because of the love of a man who can fall in love with another girl tomorrow. You may think that she could always  go back to her job, but she wouldn’t quit it because they would lose their status as luxury whores.

Can anybody fall in love and keep on being a whore? It seems so, and it also seems easy. We should differentiate between our dream life and our job. Generally, if you fall in love with a Catalan escort, Cuban escort, or a mature escort, they probably will be able to differentiate between sex and love and won’t want to lose their status, and their high incomes to cook dinner for you -and we don't mean a blowjob-, and abandon their carvings.

It would be advisable not to think about how many times she has performed golden shower, deep throat, titty job, etc today. The person who is in love with a whore or an escort should be not only brave and self-confident, but also keep those harmful thoughts away.

Whores in Barcelona: they aren’t all the same

Of course! We know that not all the escorts and whores in Barcelona are the same, but isn’t wrong to remind it. There are whores who can handle an affair in the middle of an orgy or at an erotic party and whores who aren’t open to love. Maybe some of them are open to quit their luxurious life, to stop fucking ten men per day and delighting them with golden shower or deep throat  services. But, there are some who won’t make a false move although they are in love. In this scenario, get ready to suffer until you can recover from your love crush and be a reasonable person again.

If you are experiencing this situation, remember that not all the whores or escorts have the same values, feelings, and reasons. Unfortunately, social stereotypes crucify whores and try to reduce them to repeated patrons, or clones, but, once again, they are wrong.

Is it a monogamous relationship?

According to the dictionary, this term refers to a person who is married to another one individual. So, we could consider a loving relationship with a whore or an escort as to be monogamous.

On the other hand, what happens when a whore or an escort decides not to attend her boyfriend at her working place and he decides to meet other whores? Could she label him as a punter? Could she justify herself by saying she fuck other men only because of her job?

So, as we have seen, starting a relationship with a black whore, a Russian escort, even a Spanish escort, or a Catalan escort is complex. It is required to be sure you are in love and to be patient enough to discuss all the aspects and situations that wouldn’t be normal in relationships where nobody prostitutes.

If you think that having a relationship with an escort is difficult after reading this post, it maybe advisable for you not to walk on thin ice and let your relations with whores and escorts be what they are: sex and pleasure in exchange for money for a short time. 

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