Erotic shower

Erotic shower

The erotic shower is a service that all the escorts perform at the beginning of the encounter to know better their lover. You can also take this chance to look her closer, learn by heart her cruves and touch her sensually.

The best and most sensual way to start a date with a luxury escort is taking a erotic shower together. It's the prelude of the sexual encounter wher the escort and the client bridge the gap and exchange the first gazes of shared complicity.

In the erotic shower, everything invites you to pleasure, relaxation and eroticism. The escort you choose will play sensually with water and soap to excite you and stimulate your imagination. She will splatter you with water saucily and this way she'll start a very sensual and erotic game.

When both of you are wet, the escort will approach you little by little and will start soaping your back, arms and torax to then focus on soaping and stimulating other more erotic parts of your body like your booty and penis.

Although it isn't necessary that an erotic shower ends with sex, the most common is that one thing leads to the other and you can't resist the charms of each other. Therefore, it's common that erotic shower combines with other sexual practices like masturbation or blowjob. The erotic shower is the perfect game to enjoy your date since the very first moment.