Escort services at your hotel during the World Mobile Congress

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Escort services at your hotel during the MWC Barcelona

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The world appointment with the mobiles and their most advanced technology arrives. The Mobile World Congress 2020 will be held in Barcelona at the end of February. Everything is ready to welcome the wave of executives, influencers and technology geeks.

Connect to the world, see life in front of a screen and investigate a wealth of applications. Brands come to present their juicy new products and, at the same time, there is always a close link between the days dedicated to technology and pleasure, right?

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Escorts and money

There is no doubt that the world of the latest technology moves a lot of money and with that, so does sex. No one wants to miss out on the most desirable physical pleasures. That's why MWC 2020 is a mobile event and much more.

We talked to the escorts about last year's congress. "In the days of the MWC there is a super high pace of work. The girls from Barcelona are at full capacity and many girls from other countries come to work here. The executives are in meetings and working all day but when night comes they have it clear. They want dinner, the most expensive champagne and sex with the best escorts at the Mobile World Congress 2020", says the Italian escort.

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Escorting services during the Mobile World Congress

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