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Meet Gala...

Hi everyone, my name is Gala. I'm a hot-blooded passionate lustful Venezuelan luxury escort. I am an erupting volcano; I love meeting men as lustful as me and watching them enjoying while they experience my starring services which include CIM (cum in mouth) blowjobs and many others such as services for couples, or great erotic massages that will get you so horny. I always come over to Perla Negra Bcn because I love their facilities, but we can meet wherever you want. I just want to make you enjoy to the fullest. See you soon, I'm waiting for you. 

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About Gala

  • Shift: Night
  • Age: 26
  • Nationality: Venezuelan
  • Measures: 95-60-90
  • Hair color: Blonde
  • Outcalls: To hotel, To domicile
  • Languages: Spanish
  • Height: 162 cm.
  • Weight: 52 kg.
  • Services: Bareback Blowjob,  Titfuck,  Erotic massages,  CIM Blowjob,  Deep Throat,  Greek or Anal Sex,  Golden shower,  Snowballing,  Lesbian,  Services for couples

Escort Gala
Escort Gala
Escort Gala

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Interview: clients who have told me to treat them as if they were whores

What does a client look in a mature escort in Barcelona for?

Mature escorts offer better company up to the client expectations because we are more experienced in all senses. For instance, it’s not the same chatting with a university escort than with a mature escort. Another advantage we have is that we know more secrets about men’s body, what they like and how they like it.

What is the age when you become a mature escort in the paid-sex world?

Before being thirty years old, an escort who is still active has already become a mature escort. Approximately, we become mature escorts at the age of 27, which is quite unfair since women are not considered as to be mature at that age in any other working area. It’s more likely they are considered as mature women when they are at their forties. However, in paid-sex business we are rapidly considered as mature escorts.

Which are your starred services?

My specialty is oral sex, concretely bareback blowjobs.

Could you talk it through?

In mature escort world, there are many ways of giving a blowjob and each one has its own naming, which sometimes can be confusing or hard to understand. Blowjobs can be done in different ways: bareback or using a condom. If the term’s name is bareback blowjob, it means that the mature escort will give a bareback blowjob, without condom. This is not a service offered by all escorts, that’s why it is better to ask it beforehand. If the client wants to go beyond the normal blowjobs, he can ask for a CIF blowjob, which means cumming on the face of the escort.

There’s a service with a special name: titty blowjobs (it literally means French tie in Spanish). Could you talk more about it?

A titty blowjob consists of giving a blowjob, but in spite of grabbing the client’s dick you’re your hands, you should grab it with your breasts, as if was a tie between the mature escort’s breasts.  This is a practice which satisfies clients very much, that’s why many of them ask for it. Actually, blowjobs, or any other kind of oral sex, are the most demanded services to mature escorts, university escorts, or luxury escorts.

Are there other strange names for oral sex practices?

Sure, irrumatio, for instance, means that the client is the one who leads the rhythm of the blowjob by putting his dick in and out of the escort’s mouth. It’s similar to titty blowjobs, which is another favorite service among my clients. They lead the speed and the intensity of the blowjob. I just have to open my mouth and let them take control.  I think this kind of services give them power sensation, something which they love, that’s why these practices are highly requested.

What do your clients like most: giving or receiving?

I would say half and half. There are many clients who are very dominant and give orders all the time: now on all fours, suck my dick again, now on top of me, quickly or faster; they tell you what they want exactly, you have to follow their orders to give them all the pleasure they look for in a mature escort. However, there are other clients who look for the opposite. I’ve fucked with clients who have told me to treat them as if they were whores: I want to be fucked hard, I want you to put me huge vibrators in, to fuck me to your own tune, to grab my head while I DATY on you. They also ask for light BDSM sessions, or erotic fantasies with costumes.

What is your preferred situation when you work as a mature escort?

In the past, I enjoyed a lot with clients who told me exactly what they wanted, who even directed my head with their hands while I gave them blowjobs. It was my way of making me sure I pleased them, so they came back to see me soon. As I became more experienced, I preferred to explore sex and switch roles when my clients ask for it. They want to fall in the arms of a mature escort like me and forgetting the male-role they have played during all their life. It’s really healthy letting yourself go, feeling how you are carried out, fucked and pleased, and turning all your erotic fantasies into reality.

According to your opinion, is sex better when men forget acting as males?

Yes, totally. We all have been educated in how men and women should be; when you don’t allow yourself getting out of that prefixed role, you get bored and feel imprisoned. I’ve already come across many limits in sex, so I like helping men who want to give in to passion and stop acting as the males they are expected to be in front of society.

What is the practice where men liberate most with a mature escort like you?

When we play with vibrators and dildos, costumes, or when they ask for a BDSM session. Believe me when I say I’ve never seen men enjoying themselves as much as when I wear a strap on harness and fuck them to the deepest. This is something they wouldn’t do with their girlfriends or wives; however, those who dare to do it with me get crazy in pleasure. We fuck in a thousand different ways, but this is what they like the most. If more men liberated themselves more often, world would be different and happier because they usually come out of the room cheerful and totally relaxed.

Do you think there’s nothing better than beating taboos to feel good?

It’s true that sex is liberating when you do what you really want in bed. Furthermore, having sex with a mature escort, who has the expertise that some clients lack, is even better. However, this is not the only way to feel good, as there are many other different ways.