23 years
Age23 years
Height159 cm
Weight50 kg
OutcallsA hotel, A domicilio
Hair colorMorena

About Raquel

Raquel is a Colombian luxury escort with a sensuality that awakens the desire of all men. She is a very elegant girl with a body made for pleasure, her waist wasp and her big breasts are some details that will speed up your heart and give you an image to frame. If you want to enjoy sex to the fullest and live a unique experience where you can fulfill all your fantasies, then you have come to the right place because with Raquel the adventure is more than assured.

She is a very fiery girl, with a crazy desire to please her lovers and discover new ways to have fun. His body is sin personified, it is thin with sinuous curves that will leave you with your mouth open, with a perfect butt and breasts that you will not even want to stop caressing. It is a luxury Latin escort with which you can spend a pleasant evening, combining a tender and entertaining conversation with a unique and irresistible moment of passion that will make you feel the ecstasy for every pore of your skin.

Raquel is a very sweet girl, her smile will infect your mood and you will automatically be carried away by her tender caresses and pleasant conversation. Its beauty is simply extraordinary, it has eyes full of tenderness that will steal your heart from the first moment. Do you want to meet her? Come to Black Pearl and enjoy your company. Surely you are already imagining her sensual hands running down your back in a perfect erotic massage. As it slowly goes down to your pants and caresses are intensified until you lack the air and she gives you a perfect Bareback Blowjob while you quickly melt in your mouth. Well, stop imagining it and make it come true because Raquel is a Colombian escort in Barcelona with whom you can enjoy this and much more.

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