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Kamasutra (Positions)

Kamasutra (Positions)

Kamasutra is a sexual book that compiles the most pleasurable and exciting positions to have sex.

The word Kamasutra comes from the Hindu; "Kama" means "sexual pleasure" and "sutra" is a "thread" or a "short phrase". Originarily, Kamasutra, also written "kama-sutra", is a book which explains the human sexual behaviour. It's divided in several chapters where its author, Vatsiaiana, writes about attracting other people, about the election of a wife, about the wives of the others or about the sexual act.

Nowadays, we know Kamasutra as a book that details countless sexual positions in a precise and clear way and include an explanatory draw. The sexual positions and its explanation are the most interesting about Kamasutra, the other reflections about courtesans or marriage have been set aside.

Escorts are great experts in sex, Kamasutra and all the sexual positions. Some positions are more sensual than others, others require flexibility and ability and others are thought to ease a deeper penetration.

If you want to try any sexual position, talk to your escort to make it come true. If you have trouble to decide for one, don't worry. It's very normal you don't know what to choose, given that the original Kamasutra compiles 64 different ways of making love. It goes without saying that the number has increased thanks to the escorts, who are really imaginative and are always looking for new ways to please their lovers.

Our suggestion is that you start trying renowned and exciting positions of Kamasutra, so that both of you can enjoy: the doggy, the lotus, the cowgirl or the spoons.


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