Oral Sex

Oral Sex

Oral sex in one of the sexual practices most appreciated by men, the essential service for an erotic and intense sexual encounter and the perfect way to break the ice with an ardent escort.

Oral sex is among the escort sexual practices requested by our clients. Many of of the escorts like starting their dates with a fellatio to warm their clients up.

If your fantasy is to have oral sex with one of the escorts in Barcelona, give us a call, and we will help you to fulfill your wishes. Do not forget that escorts who visit PerlaNegraBCN can also see you at your hotel or your private home.

Within the category of oral sex there are different kinds of oral sex practices which an escort can perform, if you choose to ask for it in one of our rooms. Now, we will gladly explain to you the available options.



BBBJ, also known as fellatio, refers to stimulating the penis of the male partner with the mouth of the female partner, without using any condom. When oral sex is performed on women’s genitalia it is called cunnilingus.

Irrumatio (from Lat.: irrumare - to penetrate orally) is an oral sex act whereby the penis penetrates the mouth, in contrast to fellatio, neither licking nor sucking takes place.

69 is a sexual act when both partners engage in oral sex simultaneously resembling the shape of the number 69.


Sexual practice meaning the fellatio is done with the breasts holding the penis.


CIM (Cum in Mouth) refers to licking and sucking the penis until the man ejaculates in the mouth of his sexual partner.


It means a deep fellatio or blowjob. The penis gets deep into the mouth reaching the deepest part of the throat.


This term means kissing somebody in the mouth when the fellatio's cum is in the other partner's mouth.


Escorts who perform some of these services: