Oral Sex

Oral Sex

Do you want to experience the pleasures of oral sex in Barcelona? Open yourself to the paths of pleasure in this practice that is most appreciated by men and women around the world thanks to its intimate and erotic nature. Enjoy all the modalities that exist and let yourself be carried away by the experienced luxury escorts that you will find in Perla Negra BCN.

The best oral sex with escorts in Bcn

If what you want is to enjoy true oral sex, that is, the contact between the mouth (lips, tongue,) and the genitals (both the butt and the male or female genitalia) with the intention of producing sexual arousal .

This practice is one of the most demanded by clients who deal with an escort, since swe is an intimate practice, loaded with eroticism and sensuality and that can serve as a preliminary to a long night of sex where the ultimate goal is to reach orgasm . Do you know all about the secrets and postures that will lead you to reach the most extreme climax? Keep reading and discover everything you need to know to enjoy like never before with the Perla Negra BCN collaborators.

Types of oral sex that you can find in Perla Negra BCN

Either because you want to have a spicy encounter with your partner or because you are dying to have an oral sex session with a luxury escort, our meeting place is the intimate and perfect environment to give free rein to your fantasies more humid. As we know that within oral sex there is a huge range of possibilities and positions, we are going to explain some of them so that, if you are curious about one and you have not tried it yet, you dare to enjoy it in the comfort of our luxurious rooms .

BBBJ: is the term that refers to fellatio without the use of a condom. That is, the contact of the tongue is made directly on the genitals of the man. The key to doing this is to use a lot of saliva during the act, the movements of the tongue around the penis or lightly pressing the base of it to accentuate the movements help the man feel more pleasure during the practice. Exchanging sucking movements, with licking from the base to the glans and inserting the penis completely in the mouth will turn a daily blowjob into the best natural blowjob you have ever experienced. When it is the man who practices it on the woman, it is called cunnilingus.

CIM: this practice implies that the objective of it is for the man to reach orgasm and, therefore, to ejaculation. On many occasions, the escorts use alternating rhythms, caressing the couple's genitals with their hands and playing with looks, moans and licks in order to make their sexual partner more and more aroused until ending in an impressive orgasm. If you are interested in feeling in your own flesh all the sensations that a CIM can give you, contact the collaborators of our premises, these luxury escorts will be able to make you reach the most intense ecstasy in less than you think.

The 69: It is the resulting sexual practice that a man and a woman, two men or two women give each other oral sexual pleasure. In this way lovers can stimulate their sexual organs and give pleasure to their partner while they enjoy.

The French tie: it is a variation of conventional fellatio, in which the woman lies on the bed and the man is placed with his legs spread between the woman's trunk, the key is to place the member between the breasts of the mistress and, as if it were a titfuck, she squeezes her breasts to give pleasure to the man while licking the penis when it is closer to her mouth. One of the most sensual that you can consult to do it with your escort in Barcelona.

Deep throat: it is the most demanded practice by men who appreciate a good sex session. It consists of performing a deep fellatio where the escort touches the depths of her throat with her lover's penis. This practice is most stimulating for men since the narrowness of the throat and the humidity of the cavity promote this wild and intense sexual experience.

The white kiss: although it does not have much to do with fellatio itself, it is a perfect practice to do after a CIM. The reason is simple, the white kiss is performed after a man has ejaculated in the mouth of his partner, therefore, it does not consist of more than kissing the person while the semen is still preserved in the mouth.

If you want to discover any of these intense services and achieve the fullest ecstasy, make an appointment with any of our beautiful collaborators of Perla Negra BCN. Have a most exciting and sensual meeting with the best escorts in Barcelona.