Sadomasochism (Sado)

Sexual games are always exciting, experimenting adds another degree of ardour, and the practices that break down our preconceptions makes us reach the highest peaks of pleasure. Those who dare to try erotic sadomasochism go a step beyond the known pelasures.

Sado or sadomasochism is an act of giving or receiving pleasure by sexual practices which inflict pain to the other partner. Sadomasochism is a subset of BDSM. The term ‘sado’ is derived from the writer and philosopher Marquis de Sade, who referred to such practices in many of his works.

The practice of sado involves both roles, a master and a slave. Among the escorts who visit our facilities in Barcelona there is a number of girls who like to practice sado, playing either the mistress or the slave role. It does not matter whether your sexual fantasy includes a submissive and willing girl who makes you enjoy the game in bed, or you want her to dominate you and tie you up. PerlaNegraBCN can make your dream come true.

If you heard about sado in the past, but are not sure about the nature of the practice, we will explain a couple of options that you may find very exciting.


BDSM Dominance

BDSM practice deals with dominance and submission, role-playing and restraint. During the practice the master or the mistress dominates the other partner by causing them pain using a variety of different tools such as tweezers, whips, chains, etc.

BDSM Submission

The submissive type, as the meaning of the word reveals, is related to the partner who receives pleasure from the pain the master/mistress gives them; this master or mistress is the one who makes the submissives obey them at all times. In this case, the person who is dominated is the submissive one.