Services for couples

The service for couples is a service in which the sexual encounter between an escort and a couple, regular or occasional. It's ideal to open up the relationship to a new and exciting sexual experience that breaks away from routine. 

Taking part in a trio requires, of course, a great complicity as a couple and lots of trust, not having prejudices and living it as a shared pleasure experience. The professional focuses in the pleasure of both and in sexually satisfying to the maximum the couple. 

This service can be a great opportunity to include your partner in the experience with an escort. There are many combinations possible, you can see your partner receive pleasure from the escort while you penetrate the escort or you can give your partner pleasure and for the escort to also give her pleasure until she reaches the orgasm. The combinations are infinite and the three will enjoy the encounter a lot.

In the service for couples sexual toys can be used, such as vibrators, sexual role games can be created, in which each participant interprets a role in the sexual interaction, and disguises and sexual complements can be used. A whole world to discover with your partner.