The squirt is an English word that means "jet" and refers to the liquid that women can expel through the urethra due to arousal in the moment before orgasm.

A difference must be made between female ejaculation and the phenomenon of squirting, in the former there is a whitish and thicker ejaculation, while in the latter there is an outbreak of a mixture of water and urine produced by the pleasure of the woman approaching climax. Do you want to live an exciting experience with a professional squirt escort? Come to Perla Negra BCN and give yourself the pleasure of contemplating such a show.

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Why should you have sex with a squirting escort?

Sure you have seen it many, too many times in different scenes within the porn industry, but yes, squirting exists and is at your fingertips if you wish. Give yourself the pleasure of experiencing the most stimulating squirting Barcelona of your life and get excited watching your partner reach the most pleasant orgasm thanks to your help. This can be the beginning of a long night, so try to make your partner feel as comfortable as possible and put into practice your skills to accompany her on that journey until she reaches ecstasy. There is nothing so gratifying or that makes you so horny as seeing the face of pleasure of that person with whom you are sharing a night of wild sex.

Positions to enjoy to the fullest with a squirting escort

So that the fieryness continues to increase during sexual practice with the aim that your partner reaches squirting, you can follow some simple recommendations that will make you the lover of the year.

First of all it is important that you spend time on your erogenous zones: inner thighs, lower lips and, of course, the clitoris. Afterwards, you can go on to insert your fingers into the escort's vagina in order to stimulate the G-spot, that rough and wet wall that will make her reach glory and you with her ... Or, if you prefer, you can do it based on energetic thrusts to bring you both closer to ecstasy. The squirt escort will know when the time has come and, then, you will be able to enjoy the intense orgasm of your partner, a cascade of flow that will excite you to the maximum and will make you tremble with pleasure.

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