Swingers Barcelona

For about a couple of years, late 2018 to early 19 we have seen how sex venues for liberal couples have become famous. They are places where group sex is practiced, and contrary to what may seem, they have many clients, especially middle-aged couples. "Swing" is an English word that means oscillating and people who decide to live their sexual freedom as a couple are called swingers.

The rules of the swingers Barcelona

It is not lost on us that the most recurring fantasy that we usually have, both men and women, is to imagine a third person involved in our sexual relationships. The behaviors of this liberal movement swinger Barcelona are as old as humanity itself and date back thousands of years. We would have to learn a lot from the Greeks and Romans, who founded the foundations of our current civilization and who did not give any moral importance to the sexual behavior of people. Closer in history, we have to locate ourselves in the United States during the Second World War, between 1939 and 1945. A group of air force pilots, faced with the great possibility of dying, signed with their wives a non-fidelity protocol.

In case of not returning home, he entrusted his family to a partner and this included his sexual relations with his wife. Around the sixties, it is estimated that there were around thirty swinger venues around the world and the first parties that until now were always held in the private sphere began to be promoted. It is in the eighties and nineties when the swinger community expands and currently in Spain alone there are some 600 official clubs that offer the service.

As in any game, both sexual and not, there are basic rules and regulations and in the case of the swingers Barcelona, it could not be less. The first thing you should know is that you should always go to these types of premises, regardless of whether it is a man or a woman. This is usually the case, because most of the clients are middle-aged couples. Of course, in any of the sexual practices you carry out, the use of condoms is mandatory.

Respect is of course very important, but much more in situations where people have to interact intimately. Anyone who rejects the practices we propose must be accepted without excuses. As the sexual range is enormous, surely not all the participants will like the same as you, nor you the same as the others. Always have fun, but taking into account everyone's sexual and individual freedom.


I prefer discretion as swingers Barcelona

If you think that you do not "stick" in that type of environment, or prefer a more discreet place, we suggest that you request the service of an escort. It is practically the same, but with much more intimacy. Perla Negra BCN is a well-known luxury venue in the heart of Barcelona. Just as if it were a local swingers Barcelona, you can go with your partner and reserve one of their rooms. We recommend that you let yourself be advised by one of the escorts who collaborate in it and ask them about all your questions.

The world of swingers and liberal couples includes a wide range of sexual practices that sex workers knows perfectly well. Melee massages are the best way to get started in physical knowledge before moving on to "older". 

The king of all services and one of the most requested by men is both natural and complete French, which in the development of a bacchanal can lead to other practices such as bukkake (ejaculation of several men on another person). Taking into account that some of the escorts are bisexual, you can also request a threesome or a lesbian show. It is clear that Perla Negra BCN can offer you the same possibilities, or even more than a local swingers Barcelona, but that with a plus of discretion. Call or contact through the web and you just worry about enjoying!