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The best titfuck in Bcn

The titfuck or known etymologically as intermammary intercourse is the sexual practice that results from placing the penis between the woman's breasts while she is in charge of shaking them at a good pace as long as her partner reaches orgasm.

The movements used by women in this practice are very varied, ranging from compressing the penis between the breasts simulating penetration into the vagina, quickly rubbing the penis between the breasts to more quickly stimulate the member or even integrating the French tie within these movements, which would be a mixture of titfuck and oral sex of the most pleasant.

What does it take to make a good titfuck?

To make a good titfuck you need two breasts. Despite the small chest, the titfuck can be performed with satisfactory results simply by using more technique and dedication. Even so, from Perla Negra BCN we recommend trying the busty luxury escorts specialists in titfuck, this is because the large chest helps to facilitate the introduction of the penis between them. Many claim that masturbation with the breasts was made more popular by pornographic films, experts on the subject claim that this masturbation comes from the seventeenth century, where the culture considered overweight women as more attractive due to the large size of their breasts. Certainly, large breasts invite you to practice this service.

Over the years, people have been influenced by what they have seen in pornographic productions and, when it comes to living it in their own flesh, sometimes nerves or the comparison with something we have seen in an audiovisual production pushes us to compare us. From Perla Negra BCN we want to break those taboos and that is why we leave you here a series of tricks so that you live this experience in the most satisfactory way with your sexual partner, the best titfuck performed by luxury escorts in Barcelona are in our premises, Come discover a new way to achieve pleasure with the most select company.

Dream titfuck: tricks and postures to reach the climax

If you want to reach the most pleasant climax enjoying this erotic and most sensual practice together with a luxury escort, we leave you some simple tricks that you must follow to maximize the sensations:

The first tip of all is that despite the fact that the man is very excited, the use of lubricant always facilitates the practice, since it reduces friction and helps to facilitate mobility and, therefore, increase the pace to achieve greater stimulation . Remember that the use of a condom during practice is also very stimulating, but it is always advisable to use a water-based lubricant so that it does not lose effectiveness and the movement is much more fluid.

The best positions to perform the pose are: the man sitting or lying on the edge of the bed with his legs fully open, the escort squats between your legs, surrounds the penis of her lover with her breasts and is ready to move her breasts rhythmically as long as he reaches the climax, this practice is also known as active titfuck, since it is the woman who performs the dominant role. If you arch your neck forward a little, you can lick and play with the glans in your mouth, something most erotic and pleasant. Another valid position is the woman lying facing the man. It is the reverse position to the previous one, here the woman lies down and he will be the one who kneels in front of her, leaving the member between her breasts and facilitating that he is the one who increases the rhythm of the action, this position is known as the passive titfuck, as the woman lets the man masturbate between her breasts.

Finally, tell you that, if what you want is to experience a spectacular sensation, you can end up ejaculating on the chest of your companion -previously having agreed with the escort- and thus, experience the pleasant and spicy sensation of performing a fcollaer with a luxury escort in Barcelona. What are you waiting for to live it?

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