An exuberant escort with large breasts is capable of giving the client this intense service every man dreams of, the Titfuck. An exquisite pleasure in which the breasts play a main role producing a potent orgasm. 

The Titfuck consists of introducing the erect penis in between the breasts of a woman and performing a masturbation through the shaking of breasts. Many men who visit our brothel usually decide for escorts with large breasts to get a titfuck. This sexual practice has as a consequence that the man ejaculates because it simulates the moves of the penetration by rubbing the penis between the breasts repeatedly. The Titfuck Blowjob is a version of this practice consisting of performing a fellatio while the escort firmly grabs the penis between her breasts.

To perform Titfuck, it is needed that the woman's breasts are large, due to they can host the penis in a better way than small breasts. Lube can be applied in the middle of the woman's breasts or the penis to make the experience more satisfactory. A titfuck is a sexual practice whose name changes depending on the country, or area. In some Spanish-speaking countries, this breast-masturbation is also known as a "Russian", "Cuban", or "Spanish."


Escorts who perform Titfuck: