Trios with escorts in Barcelona

Trios with escorts in Barcelona

Threesome is a word of Latin origin that means "among three people." It is used to name the sexual affair among three people and has different variants depending on how the three components of the trio interact with each other.

If your biggest fantasy is to have sex with two escorts at the same time, PerlaNegraBCN can offer you escorts from Barcelona who like trios with other escorts or couples. A trio implies a sexual practice among three participants with full interaction between them. Thus, you’ll have the possibility to pleasure two ladies simultaneously, while they will make you ecstatic with their four hands.

Within this sexual practice there are a few types of trios that may interest you regardless of whether you visit us alone or together with your partner.



Sexual practice between two ladies and a gentleman in which the ladies give their full attention to the man while not having any contact of any kind with one another.


Erotic trio among three people where two of them are bisexual or curious women who interact with each other and you at the same time. The only difference with the duo is precisely the interaction between both women.

Services for couples

In sexual terms, this refers to a practice of someone (an escort) having simultaneous sex with two sentimentally related people.